Platinum gilds the Intermezzo Air anniversary glass

Platinum gilds the Intermezzo Air anniversary glassPlatinum gilds the Intermezzo Air anniversary glass

Platinum gilds the Intermezzo Air anniversary glassThe Orrefors Intermezzo range of glasses, with its blue or satin white drop, is turning thirty years old. Intermezzo has been loved by generations who have chosen this particular glass for their celebrations. We are celebrating this 30th anniversary with Intermezzo Air, a new glass series featuring a platinum-gilded base and a translucent drop in tribute to the clarity of the crystal glass. Intermezzo Air will be launched as a champagne glass, a balance glass and a wine glass.

 Air is one of the elements of glass — that and the tradition of decorating glass with air bubbles were my inspiration as I designed the Intermezzo Air anniversary glass. The silvery light reflection of the drop meets the double foot ring painted by hand in genuine platinum. Intermezzo has a strong character, both with and without colour.
– Erika Lagerbielke, designer and Professor in Glass Design

Platinum gilds the Intermezzo Air anniversary glassErika Lagerbielke is the queen of glassware at Orrefors. No one else has designed so many successful ranges of glassware for Orrefors as her. Her successes include Intermezzo, Merlot and Difference, all of which received excellent accolades for their design. Her glasses are worthy of the world’s top restaurant, Noma in Copenhagen, and beer connoisseurs all over the world love her “Beer” range of beer glasses. The key to success is presumably her philosophy that the glass must accentuate the drink, have excellent balance and also be a feast for the eyes.

The simplest design of all can be the most beautiful; an exquisite form, a fine piece of craftsmanship or a drop of clean air. Intermezzo Air has been created from air and light. The characteristic drop is clear and pure, it is sensual and exclusive. Intermezzo Air is mouth-blown and hand-painted at the Kosta Glassworks in Sweden.Platinum gilds the Intermezzo Air anniversary glass