Your Best Guide to Trends in Fruit Juice Flavours and Offerings in Different Parts of the Globe

We all know how refreshing fruit juices can be, especially if they come with the best natural ingredients. Fruit juices come in many flavours indeed, and you can create various combinations to satisfy your market if you are a manufacturer. But even if the possibilities are endless in terms of the flavours you can create, it’s still tricky to develop something that consumers would love. There are some combinations. However, that is better than most, although it can still depend on the region where you are planning to sell your products. Here’s your best guide to trends in fruit juice flavours and offerings in different parts of the globe.



The importance of knowing the trends


If you are involved in fruit juice manufacturing, working in the sector involves balancing several vital aspects. You would have to delve into biochemistry and botanical science. Still, you also have to think carefully about the management of your supply chain and have a good understanding of how consumers behave. If you want success with your fruit juice products, you need to have a good team and invest in the right assets to meet the demands of your customers.

A research and development team can do wonders for your product/s, as you have to be as agile and innovative as possible. But today, it’s not just the taste that matters – it’s also about sustainability and traceability. More people are turning to organic products as such products are deemed healthier, as confirmed by organic fruit puree sources such as EE & Brian Smith. Consumers are all too aware of their health, especially with the pandemic, with more people seeking comfort from the products they purchase and the demand for traditional food and drink on the rise. Consumers are also seeking products that offer health advantages and benefits, such as better immunity, and this is one reason why citrus-based fruit juices are more in demand.


Trends around the globe


  • The UK


There is a rise in the demand for low-sugar or sugar-free drinks within our shores, which has put some pressure on juices that have a naturally higher amount of sugar. But you can prevail over the challenge by offering more ‘functional’ drinks that provide benefits like boosting the immune system through organically-grown ingredients, ingredients rich in antioxidants, and ingredients that could relieve stress. Grape and melon flavours are popular, and companies with vegan product offerings can get ahead as well.


  • The US


Many consumers in the US are opting for iced coffee and flavoured water over fruit juices, and consumers want more choices in ‘clean’ beverages that are naturally flavoured with herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Lemon, lychee, and pear are some of the most popular flavours in the US today.


  • The rest of Europe


‘Functional’ beverages are now on-trend in the continent, and more buyers are paying attention to healthy products. As a result, the demand for natural fruit flavours is rising, and sugar cane is one ingredient making its mark, as are citron and blue curacao.


  • Asia and the Pacific


The market for fruit juices has always been strong in Asia and the Pacific, and more people consume ready-to-drink beverages, with energy drinks and coffee the most popular choices for individuals on the go. In Asia, the most popular flavours include yuzu, cactus, and incredibly, bubble gum.

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