Step Inside Jeremiah Langhorne’s The Dabney

Step Inside Jeremiah Langhorne’s The Dabney

Foodies and Mid-Atlantic cuisine lovers rejoice: Jeremiah Langhorne’s debut restaurant, The Dabney has opened. Located on the historic 9th Street in Blagden Alley, The Dabney takes inspiration from Langhorne’s family lineage, which dates back to over a century in the Shenandoah Valley. The chef envisioned a menu and space that was reminiscent of the 19th century, tying in both the flavor and style of the D.C. area.

Hospitality Construction Services and Edit Lab at Streetsense collaborated to make Langhorne’s vision come to life. The Dabney is an amazing achievement of value engineering, with locally sourced antique and reclaimed materials transporting guests into a rustic and historic feeling space with modern accents.

  • A custom built log-burning hearth that is ten feet wide by five feet tall, which will be used to cook many of the dishes on the menu

  • Antique, victorian roofing shingles make up the restaurant’s bar, which were descaled and refinished to remove old rust

  • The space features open joists, beadboard ceilings, wainscot, and a special plaster, which adorns the walls, that the team at Hospitality Construction Services handmade themselves

  • Spindle back chairs complement custom tables, built by a craftsman in Baltimore