Summer Barbecue Tips That Can Enhance The Flavor Of Any Meal

Anthony “The Big Cheese” Mongiellois Founder of Formaggio Cheese ( ) and a Food Expert. Mongiello is also a perennial Gold Medal Winner in the Wisconsin Cheese Maker’s Association’s World Cheese Competition and WCMA’s United States Cheese Championship. Mongiello’s cooking show called “Kings in the Kitchen” is currently heard in New York and Pennsylvania.

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Anthony’s Barbeque Tips
Use Real BBQ utensils that are long enough so you don’t burn your knuckles. Have a spray bottle for flare-ups to prevent you from burning your food.

A Meat thermometer could be helpful so you don’t over or under cook your meat.
Pork – To ensure it’s done, boil it a little bit first then add your sauce and then put it on the grill.
After cooking steak remove from grill and let rest a few minutes to allow the juices to redistribute.
Be Patient – don’t starting “flipping” out (or the meat too early), this will cause your meat to be dry.
Never press down meats because you push out the juice which is where the flavor is. That’s why you want to keep your meats juicy.

Remember, a BBQ grill is not a warmer – remove all food from the grill after it’s cooked.
How cheese can take your average grilling from average to amazing

Let’s not forget there are many different kinds of cheese – not just American. You can really express yourself here. Maybe you want to show your French side with some Brie cheese. Something popular today is Bleu cheese on your steak or burger. But for me, a nice thick slice of fresh mozzarella would be my choice. Whether you melt it on top, stuff it inside or create an incredible sauce, cheese is the answer.

Stuffed Mozzarella Caprese Burgers – take the mozzarella balls with the sundried tomatoes and the fresh produce out of the container and combine them with you chopped meat to create a stuffed caprese hamburger.

Black & Bleu Steak – Top your favorite grilled steak with a combination of bleu cheese, canola oil, red pepper flakes, fresh garlic and smash it all up in a bowl and then pour on top of the meat to create a black and bleu steak. What’s better than brie? Melt brie cheese over already-grilled chicken breast for a sophisticated combination of flavors. If you’re lucky enough, top with fresh fruit chutney or even crushed pineapples, strawberries or whatever you like.