October is Vegetarian Awareness Month, making it a great time to consider finding ways to add more plant based foods to the diet. It’s also an ideal time to look at some of the research that supports why people should consider doing it. While many people want to add more plant based foods to their diet, they are not always sure how to go about doing it, and find the process of changing their current ways to be stressful. Knowing some simple tips to make it happen can make a world of difference.

Plant-Based Diet Made Easy: Quick Tips from Food & Beverage Magazine

“Eating healthier and more plant based doesn’t have to be difficult,” explains Dr. Amir Marashi, co-founder of Ntidote Life, a plant-based nuts and snack company. “Most of us have fallen into a habit, so it is matters of making small changes that will add up to big results and help create new habits.”


There has been a lot of research done that show the many health benefits of eating a plant based diet, as well as the new popular documentary on Netflix, called Live to 100, which covers the research on the Blue Zones, or areas of the world where people live the longest. The research continuously demonstrates that a foundation for longevity and healthier outcomes lies with eating a lot of plants, among other healthy lifestyle choices.


In the August 2023 issue of the journal Nutrients, the researcher wonders if a plant-based diet can help to end cardiovascular disease as we know it. The research shows that only 6% of Americans are meeting the bare minimum when it comes to the recommended amount of daily fiber intake. Fiber comes from plants, therefore those who eat more plants increase their fiber intake. The report states that a plant based diet was the only intervention identified that can clinically reverse atherosclerosis.


In the July 2023 issue of the journal World Journal of Clinical Cases, researchers report that the risks of cardiovascular disease, which is a leading cause of death in America, can be reduced by 29% when following a vegetarian diet. This is, again, due to the higher consumption of plant based foods, which provides fiber.


From the phytonutrients and antioxidants that plant based foods provide to the fiber our bodies need, here are some super simple tips for getting more plants into the diet:

  • Serve fruit with meals. Most people don’t think to do this, but adding a little dish of berries, fresh mango, or other fruit, can be a nice addition to dinner. Plus, those little servings of fruit will add up over time, giving the body a nutritional boost. You can also get more fruit into your diet by making a smoothie and adding in a powdered supplement, such as one that offers a boost of nutrition.
  • Scout out better snacks. We are a nation that loves to snack, which makes it important that we reach for healthy ones. Make it a goal to opt for plant-based snacks that will boost the diet’s nutritional panel. Such things the line by Ntidote Life is ideal, which include sprouted nuts, trail mix, flavored nuts, and more.
  • Include a side salad. Adding a quick side salad to your dinners can put some additional veggies into the diet. To keep it simple, opt for pre-bagged salad from the produce department and top it with a healthy dressing.
  • Opt for Meatless Monday. One day per week, opt to be plant based all day. This will help create a stress free way to start getting more plant based meals into the diet. Look for recipes online, or take some favorite dishes and swap the meat out with beans, lentils, etc. As the fall weather arrives, make that dinner each week a plant-based soup, such as minestrone or black bean.

“Nobody has to feel overwhelmed by trying to change everything overnight,” added Dr. Marashi. “Making simple changes, such as swapping out your snacks for healthy plant based ones, will have a significant impact. Start there and see where it leads.”


Ntidote was created by a doctor, Dr. Marashi, and Matthew Kenney, a celebrity chef, who came together to create a healthy, yet delicious, line of plant-based snacks and supplements. Combining the belief that food is our best medicine and what we put in our bodies matters, with the idea that it also needs to taste great, they came up with a line of products that are healthy and tasty.

Ntidote offers a uniquely flavorful physician-formulated collection of functional vegan snacks, nut butters, and supplement powders engineered to make healthy snacking simple and delicious. Ntidote uses sprouted nuts which are raw nuts that have been soaked in water to germinate and begin to sprout. They are healthier, helping the body to destroy toxins and increase nutrient absorption. They also improve the bioactive compounds, making the food easier to digest and more nutritious than the nuts that most grocery stores carry, which are roasted and less nutrient dense.

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The Ntidote line, which avoids harmful ingredients, includes salt and vinegar almonds or trail mix, dark chocolate-covered almonds or cashews, and pizza-flavored almonds made from organic sprouted nuts. They also offer nut butters and nutritional supplement powders. The supplement powders include those that provide energy, antioxidants, combat inflammation, and boost protein intake. To shop for healthy snacks and supplements visit the site at:

About Ntidote

Ntidote is a plant-based product line created by internationally acclaimed Dr. Amir Marashi and world-renowned plant-based cuisine expert Celebrity Chef Matthew Kenney. Inspired by the founders’ mutual passion for internal wellness, discover a uniquely flavorful collection of functional vegan snacks, nut butters, and supplement powders engineered to make healthy snacking simple and delicious. Every physician-formulated recipe features organic, unprocessed, and all-raw vegan ingredients combined with the world’s most powerful superfoods to support mood, brain health, physical performance, sexual wellness, and more. Learn more and shop at ṉ Follow @ntidotelife on Instagram for brand updates and product peeks.