Appeal to more expansive appetites with Tonnino. At this year’s Natural Products Expo East at the Philadelphia Convention Center Sept 21 to 23, the premium sustainable tuna brand is taking taste buds on a trip around the world with recipes inspired by countless cultures and cuisines. Why? Because the tuna jar Tonnino way preserves that taste to elevate dishes from bibimbap to ratatouille. Just stop by booth 1852 to see.

Tonnino’s Culinary Innovations Unveiled in Food & Beverage Magazine

“For us, there’s a little magic that happens from first catch to first bite, and we want to share that through effortless, elevated recipes. At Tonnino, we love our tuna as much as our community of fishers and as much as we love our customers! For decades we’ve specialized in top tier premium yellowfin and recently expanded our offering to include America’s favorite tuna, the albacore. We believe that our Tuna belongs on every plate and for every occasion. With Tonnino, every bite tells a story of passion, quality, and a commitment to delighting palates worldwide,” said Tonnino Sales & Marketing Director Gabriela Jimenez.


As the leading gourmet tuna brand in the US, Tonnino uses only high-quality ingredients, all of which provide exceptional opportunities to have fun in the kitchen. At Expo East, the sustainable brand will highlight wonderful ways to enjoy Tonnino. Try a Tonnino Thai fried rice, tuna tacos, pasta puttanesca, spicy tuna roll, tropical ceviche and much more.


Explore Tonnino’s premium tuna jars and cans:

  • Premium Yellowfin Tuna in olive oil the heart of Tonnino. Yellowfin is caught in tropical waters and is the most popular tuna in sushi bars. Quality matters, whether it’s fresh, raw or jarred. And Tonnino knows quality.
  • Albacore Tuna has a milder taste than yellowfin. It’s the type of tuna commonly found in the tinned fish section of American supermarkets. Tonnino goes a step above the classic oil or water option with five pole and line, wild-caught albacore options: Spring Water, Olive Oil, Ginger Soy, Herbs de Provence, and Truffle, which is now a new Yellowfin flavor as well.
  • Tuna in Cans: Experience tuna packed with olive oil, water and diced vegetables the way you would enjoy the flavors of a Tuna Niçoise or chef-quality tuna salad.

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Tonnino Tuna can be found at select retailers such as Wholefoods, Walmart, Fairway, as well as on Amazon and it is priced starting from $3.39 for a can to $6.99 for a jar.

For further information about Tonnino and their exceptional tuna products and fresh recipes, readers are encouraged to visit the official website at