Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken Pop-Up in Flatiron

What is Holy Chicken? It’s a transparent pop-up (9/11-9/22) that will transport you inside of famed documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! This time around, Spurlock explores the multibillion dollar poultry industry and the reality of fast food from the corporate side, showing viewers the stories that are spun and the claims that are made to get consumers to believe they’re eating the healthiest food possible. The film follows his every step to creating his own fast food pop-up: from raising his own chickens, meeting with recipe testers and branding teams that work hard to convince consumers they’re eating better-for-you, more natural food, scouting locations, and more. Holy Chicken is the first honest and transparent fast food restaurant showing consumers with full transparency that “healthier-for-you” fast food might just be too good to be true.