Putting a spin on its line of classic, delicious coconut water, Taste Nirvana is giving fans an innovative beverage that will satisfy their thirst and taste buds, with the debut of the new all-natural Coco Motion drink. Coming to store shelves this July, Ralph’s will be the first major retailer to offer the all-natural refreshment with an exclusive that places the beverage in approximately 150 stores throughout southern California.

On July 20th Ralph’s will introduce Coco Motion, kicking off the promotion with a tasting in the Huntington Beach location. A refreshing, all-natural beverage designed for active people Coco Motion offers re-hydration with every sip and is made from a unique blend of coconut water, coconut nectar, lime & sea salt. Coco Motion will be in good company in the coconut water section of the store as it will sit amongst Taste Nirvana’s full line of all natural drinks that are also offered at the premiere retail chain.

“We are very excited to launch Coco Motion in a large and respected retail outlet, such as Ralph’s,” said Jack Wattanaporn, Founder of Taste Nirvana. “With all of the great feedback on our current drinks line, we are sure coconut water enthusiasts and first timers alike will love the taste of Coco Motion. We are elated to continue our successful relationship with Ralph’s and we look forward to continuing to foster and grow with the store and its many locations.”

Taste Nirvana’s Coco Motion beverage will be distributed in 100% aluminum 16.2 oz. cans. For information on participating Ralph’s retail locations, Coco Motion or Taste Nirvana’s full line of delicious beverages, please visit www.tastenirvana.com.


About Taste Nirvana
Taste Nirvana
, Inc. was founded in 2003 with the mission to provide the best tasting beverages using Thailand’s finest resources. The latest all-natural incarnation of a multi-generational Thai family business – Taste Nirvana produces delicious ready-to-drink Thai coffee, Thai teas, coconut water & functional health drinks. Among these products, Taste Nirvana’s all-natural coconut waters are the closest thing to drinking directly out of an actual coconut and is second-best only to Mother Nature. For more information, please visit www.tastenirvana.com <http://www.tastenirvana.com> .