Texican Court, the retro-inspired boutique hotel within Irving’s bustling Entertainment District, is pleased to announce the appointment of Marco Collins as executive chef of their onsite authentic Texan eatery, Two Mules Cantina. In his new role, Chef Collins is responsible for overseeing the property’s food service operations including Two Mules Cantina and in-room dining in addition to managing culinary personnel.

Texican Court Welcomes New Executive Chef

“We’re certain that Marco’s remarkable leadership and extensive culinary experience will make a great addition to Texican Court’s f&b program,” said John Thomas, general manager at Texican Court. “We’re excited to see Marco’s fresh take on Two Mules Cantina’s Texan dishes and are elated to welcome him to the team.”



Chef Marco Collins brings more than twenty years of culinary experience to his new role as executive chef at Texican Court. Collins’ career in the hospitality industry took off when he was awarded a Culinary Scholarship to pursue his associate degree in culinary arts at Brown Culinary. After completing his degree, Collins was handpicked to be an intern for the renowned Chef Roland Passot at the esteemed La Folie restaurant in San Francisco. Under the guidance of Chef Passot, Collins honed his craft and gained invaluable experience in the art of fine dining, which further fueled his passion and creative spark.

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In his most recent role as executive chef at the prestigious Foxhall Resort in Douglasville, Georgia, Collins oversaw the restaurant’s culinary program where he crafted seasonal menus and achieved a 60% increase in food and beverage revenue. Now, combining his experience in business acumen and decades in the food and beverage industry, Collins serves as executive chef at Texican Court’s authentic Texan eatery, Two Mules Cantina, where he leads all culinary operations at the boutique hotel in Irving, Texas. With his wealth of experience, passion for food, and dedication to his kitchen personnel, Chef Collins plays an integral role in the food and beverage program at Texican Court.