Thanksgiving Menu Idea: Juicy Deep Fried Turkey

By Bradshaw Polamalu

Virtually every nation celebrates Thanksgiving in their own exclusive manner.. In the USA, it is a time we set aside to give thanks for all the things that are important to us and pay homage to an excellent dinner with an afternoon of football watching and screaming at the television screen (at least that’s what you do if you live in Detroit). In other areas of the nation, friends and families actually do things together including playing cards, playing video games or any type of other activities that can be enjoyed by kids and parents alike. Other traditions are to gather the ladies together in the dining room to get caught up on the latest gossip.

However, each and every year, mothers face the overwhelming undertaking of what is just around the corner. That dilemna would be what to cook for the big meal. There are loads of options and as hostess and cook extraordinaire it truly is entirely up to you what the menu will be. The best piece of guidance that can be presented is that the earlier you prepare the meal, the less stressful you will be on that wonderful day..

Here is a wonderful idea for a menu item that you have perhaps never had before. To begin with, start by forgetting the time-honored way of roasting a turkey. Turkey deep fryers are becoming increasingly more popular each and every year. Yes, there was a time in which these fryers were very dangerous but those times have passed. Through the use of intelligent design and technology, deep frying turkeys is uncomplicated for everyone.

The truth is, the most hazardous aspect of turkey frying in the past was the hot peanut oil. You will be surprised to know that there is an infrared turkey fryer that requires no oil at all! Just position your turkey inside the cooking container, seal it shut and cook. Also, a common misconception is that all turkey fryers are outdoor turkey fryers. This is a false statement as well. There are some turkey fryers that are made for indoor use. In the end, you can enjoy delicious, juicy, tender turkey by purchasing a turkey deep fryer (most are less than $100) and cook an 11-pound turkey in roughly 45 minutes.

How much time does it take to cook a normal turkey? As times change, the conventional Thanksgiving menu has changed. Deep fried turkey is becoming more and more popular every year thoughout the country. But turkey deep fryers may also be used for your daily frying needs such as pork chops, seafood, french fries and onion blossoms. Because of the short cooking time, you can easily prepare an entire turkey on the morning of Thanksgiving. If you live in an area that is not too cold, you can have a Thansgiving cookout by deep frying your turkey outside while your guests enjoy the outdoors.

The most essential thing about your Thanksgiving dinner is that you are not so burdened from the preparation that you do not have the time or peace of mind to enjoy it. If you choose to serve deep fried turkey this Thansgiving, your family and friends will taste the absolute best turkey they have ever eaten. Believe it or not, there may not be enough turkey leftover this year for making sandwiches.

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