The Magic of Packaging and Private Labeling

Moreno BHLV® sparkling wine has won many awards for both taste and packaging. the brand initially started bottling in California in 2010 and has now expanded bottling in upstate New York in 2022. The realization of making a brand viable is to make it recognizable before the customer’s first taste. If the product looks unique and taste good, you have a winner. That is what Luins and Maureen Williams, the owners of their African-American, woman-owned business, always kept in mind when creating the brand. Moreno already had a reputation for excellent customer service, winning the prestigious “Diverse Vendor of The Year Award” in 2011 By MGM Resorts International. They took pride in their on-time delivery of tens of thousands of cases of private label bottled water to hotels and casinos throughout Nevada and for Walmart, Sam’s Club customers nationwide.

Packaging and Private Labeling Magic


There is nothing in Las Vegas more recognizable than the iconic landmark “Welcome To Las Vegas” sign. Moreno BHLV (Beverly Hills*Las Vegas) has cleverly merged recognizable uniqueness, taste, and price. With the support of Southern Glazer Wine and Spirits, this sparkling wine is now available in Southern Nevada. According to the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority, post-pandemic visitors to Las Vegas reached 32 million. It only stands to reason and good business sense that every hotel, casino, package store, CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, grocery store, convenience store, restaurant, bar, hotel gift shop, and liquor store should offer Welcome to Las Vegas sparkling wine—the beverage of celebration in the city of winners.

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The brut is a blend sourced from Alexander Valley, Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino. It creates a rich expression of balanced ripe exotic fruit, not too dry, not too sweet, with a light honey apple nose and a smooth finish. rose will be available during the holiday season and beyond.

Currently, there is a promotion available Ask a Southern Glazer Wine And Spirits Nevada representative for details or contact: or call Moreno BHLV at 888-628-0798 or email