The Complexities and Intrigue of the European Wine Market Exposed

The Complexities and Intrigue of the European Wine Market ExposedItalian authors Davide Gaeta and Paola Corsinovi take a clear-eyed look at the complexities of European wine politics: Bureaucracy is a given when it comes to the convergence of government and the market place; add the world’s largest wine market, the European Union, to the mix and you have a collision of ideas and goals.

In this recently released analysis published by Palgrave Macmillan, Economics, Governance, and Politics in the Wine Market: European Union Developments, by Davide Gaeta and Paola Corsinovi, the authors follow the story of an agricultural community and its wine policies from inception through reform. While putting a lens on the wine industry, the authors take an in-depth look at the broader topics of the dynamics between government and the market, as well as the relationships between public opinion, public decision-makers, and interest groups.

A must-read for educators and students of international economics, politics, and wine, the book is being called “a solid, insightful analysis with a focus on the role of bureaucracy and heavy-handed regulation of European wine markets” by Gordon Rausser, Robert Gordon Sproul Distinguished Professor at the University of California, Berkeley. “Political economic academics will find the analysis contained in this wonderful book instructive and the basis for generating many testable hypotheses.”

For wine industry readers, Karl Storchmann, Clinical Professor at New York University and Managing Editor of the Journal of Wine Economics, calls this book “A comprehensive study on the political economy of the wine industry in the European Union, the world’s largest wine producer….This book fills a void in the current wine economics- and wine politics-related literature and has been overdue for at least three decades.”

Many references are made throughout the book to the authors’ home of Italy, and for good reason: Italy remains a political heavyweight on the European scene, particularly when it comes to agriculture and wine.

Author Davide Gaeta is Associate Professor in the Department of Business Administration at the University of Verona, Italy, where he teaches economics of wine firms and wine policy. He has managed many private and public institutions, policy organizations and EU lobbies in the wine sector. He is also on the boards of several wine companies and CEO of Chianti Classico Company.

Co-author Paola Corsinovi has a PhD in Wine Economics and Rural development. Her main research interests lie in the field of wine economics and politics. She works as a consultant and international pricing analyst for business firms and wine organizations. Born into a family of winemakers, she is President of Tuscany Young Agriculture Association (ANGA).

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Author Paola Corsinovi is currently touring the United States to promote the book, and is available for interviews and lectures.