Second Self Beer Company Debuts Flagship Brews

 Second Self Beer Company Debuts Flagship BrewsSecond Self Beer Company will premier its highly anticipated brews to the public beginning on Tuesday, September 30. The Second Self signature launch ales will be available at various restaurants and pubs across the city.

Beer Architect Jason Santamaria and Alechemist Chris Doyle created their beers with high-quality ingredients and advanced techniques to ensure an exceptional product for consumers. The flavor profile of the brews eloquently showcases the brewers’ great pride in the product and the use of distinctive components that create one-of-a-kind tastes. Second Self’s opening beers include:

  • Thai Wheat – A spicy American wheat beer as exotic as the country that inspired it. This beer uses both fresh lemongrass and ginger to give it a refreshing aroma and taste, taking drinkers on a trip across the globe. The beer is kept dry, letting the spices stand out on their own, making it a unique experience. This flavorful wheat ale is great for an escape into the Second Self.
  • Red Hop Rye – Upon first smell of this beer, consumers notice an abundance of hoppy citrus aromas while with your first sip, the spicy rye mixed with hops balanced by a malty backbone from American caramel and honey malts is noticeable. These give the Red Hop Rye its dark red color. This is a great example of an American hybrid of beer, a Red Rye IPA. Red Hop Rye is perfect while relaxing after work or with a dish as bold and flavorful as this beer.
  • LIPA – The LIPA (“lahy-puh”) is proof that a robust and aromatic IPA doesn’t need to be a high gravity IPA. A distinctive blend of hops, The LIPA is a smooth IPA that remains light in body and can be consumed all day, making this hoppy summer seasonal great for any occasion.
  • Saison – No messing around here. This is a traditional saison, using only the finest fresh American ingredients. Second Self brewers took their time making this limited release beer and it speaks for itself. It is everything a saison should be, delicate, dry and flavorful with notes of citrus and pepper. Just like a proper saison, it is good for any occasion, and just about every meal.

With launch week kicking off on Tuesday, September 30, Atlantans will be able to imbibe on Second Self brews at a variety of participating restaurants and bars across the city. The release schedule includes the following dates and locations:  

The Second Self launch week itinerary is being updated daily; please visit the website to learn more and stay up-to-date with the celebratory events. Second Self Beer Company is located at 1311 Logan Circle NW, Atlanta, Ga., 30318. For more information, call 678.916.8035 or visit the website. Stay in touch with the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

About Second Self Beer

Launched as a home brewing experience and born out of passion, Beer Architect Jason Santamaria and Alechemist Chris Doyle founded Second Self Beer Company in 2010, on the premise that layers of character and flavor are greater than the sum of their constituent parts. Second Self Beer Company is located at 1311 Logan Circle NW, Atlanta, Ga., 30318 and will be open Wednesday and Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Saturday from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and by special appointment, beginning in November 2014. For more information, call 678.916.8035 or visit the website. Stay in touch with the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.