THE FUTURE OF SUSHITHE FUTURE OF SUSHISushi donuts, sushi burritos and colorful, complex sushi rolls are leading the food trends in supermarket sushi, according to Josh Onishi, President of Peace Dining Corporation, America’s largest sushi company.  Said Onishi, “Gone are the days of starchy rice and limited selection, customers are enjoying and demanding fine restaurant quality sushi and innovative sushi options in their supermarkets as well.”  Onishi, whose company provides fresh sushi for over 200 Whole Foods stores, among others, observes that as supermarkets and convenience stores grow their fast-casual dining departments, they find that they are directly competing with actual sushi restaurants for quality and for innovation.

THE FUTURE OF SUSHISaid Onishi, “Peace Dining is committed to being the sushi leader in the supermarket by keeping ahead of sushi restaurant trends, as well as supermarket sushi trends.”  Its latest innovations include evolving sushi form to complement today’s fast-paced lifestyle and fast casual’s grab and go environment.  The company’s new sushi donuts and sushi burritos provide fresh sushi in functional shapes that are both familiar to consumers and easy to hold and eat on the go.

Consumers are also preferring the more complex sushi rolls that use upgraded, creative fish and vegetable combinations, imaginative sauces and toppings and artful presentation. “Sushi is pure food theater in today’s supermarkets,” said Onishi.  To achieve and maintain this high level of theater and quality, Peace Dining is the only national sushi provider that places a masterful sushi chef in every boutique.

In addition to creative new sushi formats, Onishi notes that sustainability is highly valued by consumers.  Peace Dining is committed to leading the way in sustainability through state-of-the-art caught and farmed fishing practices, as well as maintaining sustainable practices in its packaging and delivery systems.  Recently, Mr. Onishi was invited to speak at the Sustainability Summit in Austin, Texas on the future of our oceans and the world’s food supply.  The company is certified to ISO 14001:2004 status, the organizations highest level.  According to Mr. Onishi, “Our sushi boutiques often enhance our retail customers’ brands by demonstrating their commitment as well.”

About Peace Dining

Established in 1997, Peace Dining Corporation is dedicated to energizing the world with Japanese cuisine. The company is committed to satisfying the growing demand for sushi and Japanese cuisine in the United States and abroad, using its innate Japanese background.  Peace Dining Corporation offers customers delicious and nutritious products that are made with the highest quality ingredients. Its programs are designed to delight sushi connoisseurs and beginners alike, and to contribute toward healthier food consumption habits on a global level.  With over 1000 employees, we operate over 200 sushi stations in grocery stores and upscale supermarkets, as well as a central production kitchen, serving wholesale corporate dining clients.

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