The Multimedia Chef

The Multimedia ChefFrom reality TV shows to media tours, today’s crop of talented chefs have become celebrities as much for their personalities as for what they put on the plate.  To garner national exposure for their culinary passions, many chefs are taking advantage of the media spotlight and increasing awareness through numerous media avenues.

Celebrity Chef Homaro Cantu has made a mark in the industry for combining science and technology to create innovative dishes that utilize molecular gastronomy techniques.  In addition to making strides in the kitchen at Chicago restaurants iNG and moto, Cantu is taking up a national stage, delving into all types of media platforms.

Following a win on the competitive cooking show Iron Chef America, Cantu starred on the shows Planet Green and Future Food, broadcast on the Discovery Channel.  Cantu also keeps fans engaged through his webseries, CookiNG under Pressure which provides viewers with a behind the scenes look at the flavor-tripping dishes served at iNG, and in his weekly Huffington Post blog.  Cantu is also keeping busy promoting his newly released cookbook The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook, which offers sugar-free twists on original recipes.

“Chefs have more opportunities than ever before to reach beyond the kitchen and connect with fans in new ways,” adds Cantu.