The Nation’s Highest Concentration of Award-Winning Chef’s Under One Roof

Miami, it’s time to feast your senses! Julia & Henry’s opens its doors June 3rd—Operated by  King Goose Hospitality, this seven-level culinary and entertainment destination located in  Downtown Miami will showcase the world’s largest concentration of award-winning chefs under  one roof, amongst other intriguing attractions.  

With 26 culinary concepts housed in the heart of the venue, an iconic three-story atrium space,  visitors will experience an unapparelled gastronomic journey. From sunrise to sunset, indulge in  mouth-watering dishes crafted by James Beard Award Winning chefs and talented creators  recognized by the World’s 50 Best Rankings including Tomas Kalika and Renzo Garibaldi,  Miami culinary scene movers and shakers, Michelle Berstein and José Mendín, as well as top ten  best pastry chef in France, Yann Couvreur—just to name a few. Sip on specialty wines, craft  beer, and artisanal cocktails at bars located on each level with menus curated to provide the  perfect beverage pairing according to the unique culinary concepts on that floor. Make your way  to the basement and discover Jolene, a high-energy retro sound room by the creators of Broken  Shaker, named one of The World’s 50 Best Bars two consecutive years. 

And there’s more… 

Coming soon, floors four and five will serve as a music-centric creative incubator equipped with  state-of-the-art recording studios, unconventional communal workspaces as well as a tattoo  parlor. Imagine grabbing a refreshing aperitif at the 3rd floor cocktail bar and taking a flight of  stairs up to listen in on budding artists (or even established ones) recording a demo! 

Last (but definitely not least), Julia & Henry’s rooftop will be transformed into Torno Subito by Massimo Bottura, a three-Michelin star chef, widely regarded as the best in the world. And  the hand-picked protégé of Bottura, Chef Bernardo Paladin, who paved the way for Torno Subito  Dubai’s first Michelin Star, will be Head Chef of Torno Subito Miami.  

The historic landmark constructed in 1936, was re-developed by Stambul Development with a  mission in mind: to revive the past and build the future of Downtown by reinstating the notoriety  of Flagler Street to become the center of activity it once was.

Culinary Concept Highlights by Chef: 

Massimo Bottura: A concept brought from Dubai, Torno Subito, means “be right back” in  Italian. Massimo Bottura, world renowned three-Michelin star chef, named the concept after an  exhibit by artist Maurizio Cattelan. The art?—a sign at the door of the art gallery “Torno Subito”  only with no one ever to return, and the line of art enthusiasts left wrapped around the corner. It’s  this kind of playful irony that pulses through the veins of Torno Subito—Think authentic Italian  food that brings you straight to the kitchen of your Italian nona (the one you wish you had) in a  whimsical modern setting that radiates color. In fact, the design concept is inspired by Bottura’s  childhood beach vacations to Rimini. 

Michelle Bernstein: James Beard Award Winning Chef, Michelle Bernstein was thrilled by the  response to her fried chicken at Michy’s and this became the catalyst for the creation of Michy’s  Chicken Shack. This concept is bringing the most delectable and decadent selection of fried (and  not) chicken available anywhere. “Our inspirations are far reaching and represent many cultures  

and techniques because we wanted to reflect our community in our food, and we are driven to  create comfort food that is satisfying and affordable,” said Bernstein. Also by Bernstein is an all day lunch spot, Luncheria, which she describes as “our love note to Miami and its multi-ethnic  Latino culture.” Luncheria provides a moment in which to pause and nourish—a much needed  respite in a busy day, an escape where one can savor a delicious cafecito while remembering to  inhale. It is a soulful and enjoyable experience that represents one of the better parts of their day. 

Tomás Kalika: South America Best Chef nominee, Tomás Kalika, is debuting his first US  restaurant, Mensch. A casual twist on his high-end, award-winning restaurant, Mishiguene (ranked No. 18 on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants), Mensch will bring a fresh  Mediterranean menu with global influence.  

Renzo Garibaldi: A butcher shop and rustic, yet elevated restaurant rolled into one, Osso is the place for premium cuts and delicious barbeque—from perfectly grilled ribeye, to flavored  sausages, to short rib that falls off the bone, Julia & Henry’s visitors need not feel coy when  digging their teeth into these succulent cuts that have landed Osso on Latin America’s 50 Best  list six consecutive years.  

José Mendín: Picture this: succulent wagyu beef topped with onion confit, gruyere melt, and  thyme aioli—Woah! Well, June by Chef José Mendín has this in store and much, much  more…Think a burger joint with gourmet ingredients and bold global flavors that will leave you  awe-struck. Also, by Chef Mendín, HitchiHaika, is a fast-casual gyoza concept inspired by a  hitchhiking dumpling that travels the world, picking up new tastes along the way to bring you  gyozas you never thought possible.

Yann Couvreur: A French bakery—bearing the name of its esteemed chef, one of the top ten  pastry chefs in France—brings sophisticated and yet approachable pastries made from 100%  natural seasonal ingredients to Miami. Led by Chef Couvreur, the bakery’s philosophy revolves  around the delicate balance of flavors, employing minimal sugar to accentuate the decadent taste  of the fresh premium ingredients.  

Bar Concepts by Floor: 

La Epoca: As guests make their grand entrance through the main doors of Julia & Henry’s, they  are wowed by La Época, a natural wine bar nestled at the base of the three-story tall wine tower.  Take a seat in the blue velvet chairs and embark on a world tour that tantalizes your taste buds.  With the menu curated by renowned natural wine sommelier and Co-owner of NIU Kitchen,  Karina Iglesias, La Época is simply wine bliss. 

BoxElder Craft Beer Market: Step into the elevator encapsulated by wine bottles and make  your way to the second floor to discover what will be the hub for local craft beer culture.  BoxElder Craft Beer Market is a celebration of craft beer and the great brewers behind it.  Specializing in rotating taps, Boxhelder regulars will be on the cusp of the latest greatest beer  trends.  

The Lasseter: Named after the first bar in Miami, The Lasseter sets the stage for an epic libation  experience on the third floor of Julia & Henry’s. With the menu curated by Unfiltered  Hospitality, a consulting group with an industry leading team boasting awards like Food & Wine  Magazine’s 10 Best Mixologists and Top 10 Bartenders by Miami New Times (to name a few),  these cocktails offer a full sensory experience to elicit moments of awe. 

Jolene: Jolene is a retro-themed high energy sound room in the basement of Julia & Henry’s inspired by the fierceness and femininity of Dolly Parton. Curated by BarLab, the creators of  Broken Shaker—named one of The World’s 50 Best Bars two consecutive years—Jolene will  showcase the best of local music culture and the global dance music circuit on a cutting-edge audio system for those looking for craft cocktails and after-hours dancing.


History of Julia & Henry’s: 

Located in a historic landmark in the heart of the city center, Julia & Henry’s was designed to  create a positive impact on the changing landscape of Downtown, honoring the building’s roots  as well as the current needs of the community. 

According to the City of Miami Planning Department, the building was constructed in 1936  during the depression-era. The unveiling of the five-story Walgreen Drug Store, representing a  significant investment of $1.5 million, was seen as a testament to the confidence in the city’s  future. It became a community beacon and social meeting ground, featuring an 88-foot soda  fountain along with a separate ice cream plant. 

Until 2018, the building was owned by the Alonso family who operated it as La Epoca, a retail  store that once was the third largest department store in Havana until it was confiscated by the  Castro regime. La Epoca closed its doors in 2016 as the family shifted its business model away  

from retail operations; however, visitors will be reminded of this historical context as they make  their grand entrance through the main doors of Julia & Henry’s and are wowed by La Época, a  natural wine bar nestled at the base of the three-story tall wine tower. 

The history of the property and Miami is honored throughout the project as everything from its  name to its use, and even some of the concepts housed in the building, pay homage to those that  have come before its most recent purchase and re-development by Stambul Development, who  

went above and beyond the historic preservation code outlined by the Miami-Dade County  Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) to scrupulously preserve every historically significant  component of this iconic (now) 7-level property.  

Julia & Henry’s is a stunning example of Streamline Moderne architecture, which emerged in the  1930s representing the last phase of the Art Deco era. Stambul Development meticulously  maintained the aerodynamic design, long horizontal lines and curving forms typical of that style.  

Daniel Peña Giraldi of Stambul is no stranger to historic building preservation and embarked on  this project with a mission in mind: to revive the past and build the future of Downtown by  reinstating the notoriety of Flagler Street to become the center of activity it once was. “Historic  buildings are cultural artifacts that tell a story of our past, and we have a responsibility to  preserve and adapt them for the future. Preservation is not about turning back the clock” remarks  Pena Giraldi. “It’s about finding ways to make historic buildings relevant to modern needs while  maintaining their historical significance.”—And that’s exactly what he accomplished with Julia  & Henry’s: Once a community beacon with an 88-foot soda fountain and separate ice cream  parlor located on Main Street of the burgeoning city of Miami; today an all-day entertainment  and culinary destination for locals and tourists alike serving as a catalyst of the revitalization of  Downtown. 

Modern-Day Use of the Historic Landmark

When the building was initially purchased, Stambul Development launched the project with a  question posed to the local pedestrians of Flagler Street: What should this building become?  Stickers were strung across the building’s windows along with sharpies made available for the  purpose of writing an answer. The Downtown local’s votes were clear: more restaurants, bars,  entertainment, workspace, and art. As an answer to their feedback, Julia & Henry’s was born. 

Every single food vendor within the property was strategically selected to create the perfect mix  of culinary concepts that represents the global community of Downtown Miami. The curation for  the food and beverage component of the operation was led by Gluttonomy, a food and beverage  marketing and innovation agency. 

“We were fortunate to partner with this project and help bring an incredible lineup of talent that  also believes, like we do, in Miami and in Downtown. The result makes us incredibly proud as  we have Massimo Bottura who has repeatedly been named the world’s best chef, along with  Michelle Bernstein and José Mendín who have helped put Miami on the map and who represent  the top-level of the Miami culinary scene,” explained Nidal Barake, Founder and Director of  Gluttonomy. “We are also introducing the Miami market to the likes of Tomas Kalika, an  amazing chef from Argentina whose restaurant Mishiguene was featured on the World’s Best list  along with Renzo Garibaldi, a Top 50 Latin American Chef and one of the best butchers on the  planet. Putting this together required work and a lot of passion.” 

The founders and chefs of each concept collaborated closely with interior designers hired by  Stambul Development to create unique spaces that reflect the personality and story of each  brand. The result is a transcendent collaboration between chef and designer. As guests embark on  a gastronomic journey, every bite is savored amidst an eclectic collection of design elements  from 26 different concepts—a metaphor of the vibrant tapestry of the city’s cultural landscape.  

Featuring classic comfort foods, grab and go items, and menus made for adventurous palates, the  collection of concepts offers a wide variety: From gourmet desserts and homemade pastries to  intricately topped wagyu burgers, to fresh poke, authentic Italian pizza, classic fried chicken and  much, much more—each restaurant concept tells its own story through its customized design and  creative recipes. 

“We are an all-day venue,” said Daniel Peña Giraldi of Stambul Development. “The experience  will appeal to all five senses. Arrive in the morning, grab breakfast on the go at the outdoor  windows that open early, known as the ‘ventanitas,’ or come inside when it opens and check out  the cafes and bakeries. Come back for lunch, get some work done at a workspace. Come back  with friends for happy hour. Listen to local musicians rehearsing in the recording studios. Have  dinner at the rooftop restaurant, serving up cuisine prepared by a Michelin Star chef. Go to Jolene ‘til 4am, then have some arepas. It’s almost a 24-hour venue.”

As Julia & Henry’s has attracted a wide variety of talent, King Goose Hospitality (KGH) has  been functioning as the operator behind the project, cultivating a cohesive experience within the  building. According to Andrea Petersen, CEO of KGH, she looks forward to Julia & Henry’s  representing Miami’s development into a metropolitan city that has attracted talent from around  the world.  

“Julia & Henry’s is the perfect way that anyone coming from anywhere can experience what  Miami has become: an entertainment and culinary center that represents all the cultures, regions,  and talent who come here,” said Petersen. “It is all about quality and excellence presented in an  accessible, casual setting. It’s a distinctive quality experience that is very aligned with the  Downtown crowd. It is a place where locals will gather, and a place where tourists will come to  feel like locals.”

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Julia & Henry’s is a seven-level culinary and entertainment destination located in the heart of  Downtown Miami on 200 East Flagler Street. Named after the founders of Miami, Julia Tuttle  and Henry Flagler, the redeveloped historic landmark pays homage to both the city and  building’s history, while paving the way for a new social scene in Downtown. With 26 culinary  concepts to choose from visitors will experience an unparalleled gastronomic journey from  sunrise to sunset. Think mouth-watering dishes crafted by James Beard Award winning chefs as  well as talented creators recognized by the World’s 50 Best Rankings housed in a stunning three story atrium space, with each culinary level offering specialty wines, craft beer, and artisanal  cocktails at bars expertly curated to provide the perfect beverage pairings according to the  culinary concepts on that floorAll this flanked by Jolene, a high energy basement sound room  by the creators of Broken Shaker, named one of The World’s 50 Best Bars two consecutive years  and (coming soon) Torno Subito, a rooftop restaurant by three Michelin Star Chef Massimo  Bottura. Also in the making, the fourth and fifth floors will be converted into a music-centric  creative incubator equipped with state-of-the-art recording studios, unconventional communal  workspaces as well as a tattoo parlor. The venue will host weekly experiences and events,  ensuring no two visits are alike. With diverse interior design and citywide views, to flavors and  history, to stories and entertainment, Julia & Henry’s beckons locals and tourists alike to “Feast  Miami.” 

Hours of Operation 

Sun-Thurs: 11:30 AM-10:00 PM 

Fri-Sat: 11:30 AM-11:00 PM 

*Ventanitas hours vary 

Happy Hour 

Mon-Fri: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM