THE SWEETSHOPPE: We All Love Chocolate Pudding

The increasing percentage of people diagnosed with diabetes notwithstanding, people take to chocolate pudding as sunflowers take to sunshine. Describing chocolate pudding as popular with the masses is an under statement. These goodies made of mouth-watering chocolate are a favorite of children and adults alike. Chocolate pudding’s popularity is definitely on an upswing, even though several decades have passed since it’s creation.

The alluring taste of the product led to chocolate pudding being considered a staple food of teenagers. Adults have not been able to keep their hands off them, though they have strongly voiced their dissent against a grub that has a high sugar quotient. Let’s put it that chocolate pudding is a necessary evil for many. They want to get away from it because of the high calorie content; at the same time, they want to savor the THE SWEETSHOPPE: We All Love Chocolate Puddingstrange tingling sensation that spreads to your brain when you take the first delicious spoonful. Really, the stuff temptations are made of!

Chocolate pudding owes it origins to the chocolate custard. Chocolate pudding is a variation of the more traditional chocolate custard. The dish was invented by Meredith, Helenna and Mary. During the early years of chocolate pudding, it was considered a food item suitable for children who have a weak physical disposition. It was so because of the high calories, and therefore energy, quotient contained in chocolate. Later it became an item that found mention in the dessert menu of all self-respecting eateries. General Foods introduced the chocolate pudding mix in 1934 and it became famous as “Jell-O Chocolate Pudding” in 1936
With health food adapting to the demands of the modern world and its holier-than-thou diet charts doing the round of every health clinic, gulping down dollops of chocolate pudding is no longer a trend that anyone wants to follow or start. People have woken up to the fact that one spoonful of chocolate pudding translates to roughly half-an-hour of exercise. So they try to keep the extra calories away by depriving themselves of one of the most alluring tastes that one can provide to one’s taste buds. There are some exceptions of course, like yours truly! We strongly vote in favor of our dear chocolate pudding, no matter how many hours we need to fight it out at the gym to get the redundant calories off our systems!

Celebrate Chocolate Pudding Day on June 26th with a lot of fanfare, as the day definitely is a toast to one of the most popular fast-food items. Trivial it may seem to the purists when they hear of days being named after food-items which to their perception are sold in the back-streets, but they have always been the same. You and I need not be burdened by their learned views. We go out there on Chocolate Pudding Day, have plenty of them and plan when to have them next. Calories and critics can keep up their fret and fume!