The Vice Wine I “Extra Añejo” Cabernet

“This month, The Vice Wine is releasing their “Extra Añejo” Cabernet, a limited edition release. This special selection has spent 60 months aging in French Oak barrels giving it a multi-dimensional flavor profile. In addition to being a limited edition, it is also being included in The Napa Valley Library Wine Auction this month.”

“Extra Añejo” Cabernet
Batch #42 – 2015

The 4th consecutive year of a historic drought challenged the vines to only yield their best grapes in a record low quantity. While harvest was small and the grapes were also tiny in size; the wine showed massive concentration in its youth, with longevity and energy in the cellar.

USDA Certified Organic vineyard. Located in the Mayacamas mountains range, above the fog line and up to 2400 feet of elevation.
The vineyard is on a slope with shallow topsoil and minimal water retention. Vineyard pruning and labor are also minimal, due to the steep conditions.

62% of Cabernet Franc and 38 % of Cabernet Sauvignon was the initial blend. 2% of angel’s share evaporated over time from the barrels, and which we replaced with Merlot from the same vineyard.
Cabernet Franc, the parent grape of both Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, is the backbone of the “Extra Añejo”. It showed wisdom in barrels and now elegance in the glass. Cabernet Sauvignon offers youthful energy and power to the blend, making it a rare Napa Cab of its own class.

Decanting is highly recommended (> 1hour)

A wide array of notes emerges from the “Extra Añejo” as it breathes in the decanter (or in your glass). Bouquet of sandalwood, leather, roasted hazelnut first show up on the nose, then backed with vanilla, Connecticut cigar wrap, and Iris flower.
The flavor profile of the palate is multi-dimensional. The velvety texture is reminiscent of crème Chantilly with Maraschino cherry, goji berry, and blueberry fruit notes as an entrance. An umami filled mid-palate of white truffles, dried sage and crème de cassis make the way for an “Extra long” finish with hints of leather and Calabria pepper.

61% Cabernet Franc, 37% Cabernet Sauvignon (topped off with 2% Merlot)
60 months of aging in French Oak barrels. (One new barrel of medium toast + 2 neutral barrels)
Sustainably grown fruit and winemaking practices
USDA Certified Organic Vineyard
BevVeg Certified Vegan