The World’s Most Prestigious Cup of Tea is Now Available in the U.S.

Until now, offering your guests a cup of tea that is high quality, exclusive, and convenient to prepare was seemingly impossible. Ronnefeldt, a family-owned tea house headquartered in Germany since 1823, has found an innovative way to capture the quality and flavor of the finest loose leaf teas in the world. Their new designs present the highest quality whole leaf teas in a practical, individually-portioned and ready-to- use form.

Now being distributed for the first time in the U.S. by AUI (Albert Uster Imports), Ronnefeldt has pioneered two cutting-edge and exclusive designs, the LeafCup® and the Tea-Caddy®, which offer loose tea in ready- portioned bags for cups and teapots, respectively. These bags elegantly attach to the handle of any cup or teapot and allow the tea leaves to completely expand and release their full flavor.

Indeed, the LeafCup® and Tea-Caddy® artfully merge convenience with quality, making quality loose leaf tea more accessible to guests. Both forms are tailored for room service, banquets, buffets, restaurants, and spas.

Ronnefeldt ensures the highest quality of all their tea forms—Loose Tea, Tea-Caddy®, LeafCup®, and Teavelope®—by producing them in an elite, orthodox method; a six-step process that takes 24 hours and requires two leaves and one bud that are hand-picked during optimum harvest times. Less than one-third of the world’s tea is produced in the traditional orthodox method. Owners Frank and Jan-Berend Holzapfel poignantly say, “We may not be the largest tea company in the world, but we are probably the most passionate.” Ronnefeld’s unwavering passion translates to a truly perfect cup of tea, and as a result they have been providing tea to the most prestigious properties in Europe, Asia, and beyond for nearly 200 years.

All of Ronnefeldt’s tea packaging is biodegradable, free from bleached papers, staples, and glues. Additionally, the type of tea, steep time, and description are easily viewed on all tea boxes and tags, in ten languages, making Ronnefeldt an ideal choice for international hotels and resorts. The teas are also gluten-free and kosher parve, allowing everyone to enjoy their premium tea.

“Ronnefeldt delivers the highest quality products and service—something our customers have come to expect from AUI,” AUI President and CEO, Philipp Braun said. “We are now able to provide an excellent beverage product, on par with the rest of our portfolio, complete with accessories and training. AUI is delighted to partner with Ronnefeldt as they enter the U.S. market, and emerge as the pre-eminent tea brand among elite properties nationwide.”

About AUI (Albert Uster Imports):
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