Think Coffee Fights Single-Use Cups in NYC

This week Think Coffee is piloting the Huskee Cup Swap program at their 73 8th Ave location near 14th St in Manhattan, with all other locations to follow soon. Under this innovative program, anyone who brings in a used Huskee Cup will have their beverage served in a clean, sanitized replacement. Earth-conscious customers who want to avoid single-use cups no longer have to worry about cleaning their own travel mug because Think Coffee takes care of the dirty work for them.

An estimated 600 billion coffee cups end up in landfills each year because they cannot be recycled. The aim of the Think Coffee Huskee Cup Swap is to put a small dent in this environmental disaster by reducing the reliance on single use coffee cups.

Taylor Bloom, a lead barista at Think Coffee’s 8th Ave location says of the new program: “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to consume less. The key was finding a cup that everyone will want to use regularly. The Huskee Cups have a great design, easy to clean and to drink from. Plus, they are made out of an organic byproduct of the coffee milling process, and so are extra eco-friendly.”
Available for purchase for $15 , Huskee Cups are made out of 50% coffee husk (waste from the coffee production process) and 50% post-consumer plastic. They are designed for durability and cleanability and can be turned back into new Huskee Cups at the end of their useful life.
About Think Coffee: It is an independent NYC coffee company with 10 locations in Manhattan and a roastery and bakery in Brooklyn. Think’s mission is to improve the circumstances of the most vulnerable in the coffee supply chain, but closer to home, it has also been a leader in environmental sustainability in the coffee industry, composting cups, lids and other packaging for the past 7 years.