Tippy Cow National Launch

Tippy Cow’s Nostalgic Flavors Go National

Tippy Cow National LaunchThe delicious, nostalgic flavors of Tippy CowTM Rum Cream will now be available nationally.  Following very successful test marketing over the past eighteen months, which included garnering a Hot Brand award for reaching the 50,000 case mark in its first year while in very limited distribution, Tippy Cow is being introduced on and off-premise across the country.

“We knew we had something special when we ran out of product in the first three months of our test market,” said John Reiter, president of Midwest Custom Bottling.  “Now that we have completed the expansion of our production facility we are all set to meet national demand.”

The national launch includes new packaging that jumps off the shelf while colorfully conveying each of Tippy Cow’s long-loved nostalgic flavors found inside every bottle.

Tippy Cow National LaunchBlended with the finest Caribbean rum and the freshest real dairy cream from Wisconsin, Tippy Cow flavors like Orange Cream, Chocolate, Vanilla Soft Serve and Shamrock Mint are reminiscent of iconic sweet creamy flavors.   Consumers say they remind them of a Dreamsicle, a Wendy’s FrostyÔ, a Dairy Queen Soft Serve and a Shamrock ShakeTM.

“Consumers told us how much they love Tippy Cow’s old-fashioned flavors versus the new-fangled flavors that are being introduced,” added Reiter.  “Bartenders love Tippy Cow because it’s delicious straight up or easily mixable with a variety of flavored spirits and coffee.”

Reiter expects the brand to compete with everything from flavored vodkas and rums to any variety of liqueurs as the product delivers a phenomenal taste experience, extremely popular with today’s consumer.  Tippy Cow promotes recipes for unique drink concoctions on its website www.tippy-cow.com.

Tippy Cow will be available nationally at on and off-premise locations beginning April 1.  The average retail price for a 750ml bottle of Tippy Cow is $16.99.  Tippy Cow 50ml mini bottles are also available at an average price of $1.49.


TIPPY COW ™ RUM specialties, 14%ALC/VOL.

Bottled by Midwest Custom Bottling, Pewaukee, WI 53072

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