Tips on Updating Your Restaurant Décor

So your restaurant is in need of an update. Where do you start? Do you change the curtains, the flooring? Or maybe you need some new artwork. There are many things that you can change and update that will help draw more attention to your establishment, as well as boost your clientele’s experience.

Tips on Updating Your Restaurant Décor

Start Simple

Look at the artwork and photos you have up. Are they dated, fading, or just plain boring? Perhaps an update is due. Try looking for a local artist or photographer, and update your establishment with a local touch. Historical photos and elements can help create a sense of local pride. Take for instance an English pub. You will see inspiration from all over England that help give you the feeling you are there, even if you’re in a loft in Oregon.

If you have a large wall space, you may look into having a large mural created. Whether it is a collage of famous faces, maps, or a scenic view, a large mural can make a boring wall into another discussion piece.

A fresh coat of paint or wall paper can also greatly change the mood of your establishment. Whites and light greys with dark furniture can give your establishment a modern and clean, where dark browns and black wall treatments with wood or metal accents can give off a rustic feel.


Lighting is very important for your restaurants atmosphere. It can be a discussion piece as well. If your establishment has vaulted ceilings, suspending your lighting for each table on a long line, with a single light shining above the table can create an elegant setting for your clients. But keep in mind, if the lights are too dim, customers will have difficulty reading their menu. A study has shown that dimming down the lights in fast food establishments and playing soft jazz, can help customers enjoy their food more and that they will slow down their eating habits resulting in a lower calorie intake.


Having a lobby that is both inviting and relaxing can help your customers feel at ease as they wait to be seated on a busy night. Greet them with a fountain and some greenery to help set a relaxing mood.  You could even have a custom fountain with your company’s logo behind your hostess stand or front counter. If you have a sports theme, a flat screen playing that days big game or set to a station like ESPN can help keep their interest while they wait to be seated.

Dining Area

Selecting tables and chairs is just as important as selecting the proper menu style. Where a sports bar may go for high tables and stool style seating, a classic diner may go for booth style seating, and an upscale restaurant may stick with contemporary for modern styled chairs and tables. Also be sure that your seating is comfortable. If the chair back is shaped oddly or is too hard of a surface, customers may not enjoy their time as much as they could. Don’t sacrifice comfortable for stylish, make a compromise.


You can drastically change your establishment by changing your flooring. Today there are so many options available; from tile, vinyl, wood, carpet, concrete, and so much more. If you are tired of that old carpet, you may want to see what you have underneath it. You could be surprised by what you find and by what you can do with it.

  • Concrete floors can be transformed in so many different ways.  From faux finishes making it look like marble or even wood, to dynamic patterns, or just polished or painted plain concrete.
  • Wood floors can take many forms depending on the type of wood, layout of the floor boards and how it is treated. The right pattern and staining can create a mood all of its own.
  • Tile flooring can vary from size and shape, to material and color. Once you select your layout, you should consider the color of the grout. Also be sure to seal it properly to keep the grout from changing color on you.
  • Vinyl and Carpeting can easily be picked out at your local flooring store in as many styles and colors as you could imagine.

When selecting your flooring, you should consider what it will take to maintain, and replace it if needed. Options like concrete flooring are very low maintenance and can last a very long time and can bring up the volume of your establishment, where carpet can soak up unwanted noise and has a higher upkeep.

Before you start ripping up your flooring or changing the wallpaper, ask your patrons what they think of your establishment, and what direction they think you should go. You might get some great ideas from them!