TNA CandyBeers Not For Kids..!

TNA CandyBeers are the first beers of it’s kind brewed today.
Ty Armstrong Sr has been homebrewing beer for 11 years in SLO county, and invented & developed CandyBeers 5 years ago. He says he is the first in the nation to do so, TNA CandyBeers has appeared on nationwide beer blog’s, several local newscasts,local radioshows, & many California area beer shows.  We need a broader audience to spread the word about who we are what we do with our product & charity fundrasiers. TNA CandyBeers will do a charity pour of our “unique & delicious” TNA “Hurricane Cosmo, Blk n Blu, & our Jolly Green Apple” Candiales at The Atascadero Wine Fest on Sat, June 23, 2012 from 4-8pm, to benefit the Atascadero’s Charles Paddock Zoo and local community projects.

TNA CandyBeers Charity pour campaigns hope to attract local & national attention,to amass funds that will allow them to turn a home-brewing hobby in Atascadero, Ca into a full fledged business. TNA CandyBeer infuses malty brews with fresh organic fruits, & homemade candy flavors, but the company needs to raise $45 – $100.000 to bring its products to stores. TNA CandyBeers promises that a sizable portion of the company’s profits will be set aside to build a Non Profit Homeless Teen Shelter in SLO County that will counsel, educate, and care for homeless teens.Those who donate to helping us create our Local Nano Brewery will receive special tasting privileges, clothing, and more.