To-Go Alcohol Here to Stay | Oktober Can Seamers Helps Businesses Pivot

Brands Utilizing Oktober Can Seamers

Over the past year, Oktober Can Seamers’ client roster continues to grow and diversify as business owners pivot to accommodate these market changes and new consumer demands. Small local businesses with a single brick-and-mortar location to household big name brands across the beverage industry are utilizing Oktober Can Seamers including Bacardi USA, Campari, Jim Beam, Ocean Spray, Sierra Nevada, Pepsi, Starbucks, Health-Ade Kombucha, and many more.


Why Oktober Can Seamers now?

Entities like the national trade association Distilled Spirits Council alongside state governors and senators are increasingly advocating for permanent to-go alcohol sale allowances to support their local restaurants and bars. Over thirty states have passed legislation permitting to-go alcohol sales, including several who are moving towards making these laws permanent. In December alone, Oregon and North Carolina both introduced a temporary allowance that they will revisit in the new year; Alabama re-introduced their bill again allowing to-go alcohol sales; and Florida’s Governor champions to-go alcohol sales as helping to keep state businesses afloat. A number of other states are slated to discuss making their to-go alcohol laws permanent including Missouri, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and the District of Columbia.


About Oktober Can Seamers

As many of state laws surrounding to-go alcohol currently require containers to be sealed, Oktober Can Seamers provide an elegant and functional solution for small businesses in the food & beverage industry. Designed by former aerospace engineers and lauded by breweries and mixologists across the country, Oktober provides durable can seaming machines with a conveniently sized footprint (ideal for behind the counter operations) and customizable (brand labels) cans (as simple as submitting an artwork file via email to their talented in-house design team) allowing restaurants, bars and similar business owners to expand their to-go beverage options and keep their brand name at the forefront of customers’ minds. From sleek 8 oz. cans ideal for to-go cocktails to 32 oz. Crowlers perfect for sharing, guests can now enjoy their drinks from their favorite neighborhood haunts from the safety and comfort of their homes.