Top U.S. Chefs Share Their Outlook on 2016

Top U.S. Chefs Share Their Outlook on 2016

The food and beverage world continues to redefine itself, whether it’s adapting to trends or promoting sustainability. Needless to say, the world of dining is ever-changing.

So, what’s in store for 2016 and beyond? Is healthy and organic here to stay? Three top U.S. chefs share their outlook on 2016, and here’s what we’re reporting:

Top U.S. Chefs Share Their Outlook on 2016Executive Chef Larry LaValley,
3800 Ocean at
Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa:

  • Adventurous diners welcome. “Diners want to know more about the origin of the foods they are eating and will make more adventurous dining choices as a result. They’ll be open to trying cobia, conch, plantains, yucca, boniato or the catch of the day when they know it’s fresh from a nearby provider. Locally sourced items make them irresistible on a menu.
  • Comfort continues to trend. “As a chef, I have always looked to the everyday ‘comfort’ foods as a source of inspiration as these tap into the psychological subconscious of diners. If a dish brings diners back to an unforgettable trip to Mexico, for example, and they had ‘tacos al pastor,’ they will crave it again and again.”
  • Less is more. “Molecular gastronomy has become very popular in recent years and is, in my opinion, overdone. The majority of our guests are not drawn to lengthy menu items with ingredients that are only familiar to experts. We aim to keep our menu reading as simple as possible.”

Top U.S. Chefs Share Their Outlook on 2016 Executive Chef Caleb Lara,
Lighthouse Grill at
Harbor View Hotel (Martha’s Vineyard):

  • Open fire. “Cooking in an open pit with a variety of woods in an Argentinian-style of grilling is becoming increasingly popular. Similarly, open display kitchens are trending, as it allows for a more interactive cooking environment between chefs and guests.”
  • Approachable versus fine dining. “People are moving away from the fine dining experience into a more approachable form of dining, one with an emphasis on local ingredients and great food that doesn’t necessarily break the bank.”.

Top U.S. Chefs Share Their Outlook on 2016Executive Chef Patrick Leibacher,
Seaway Grille at
1000 Islands Harbor Hotel (Clayton, NY):

  • Pickling in style. “Pickled vegetables are here to stay. Diners are looking for that unique taste more and more and they’re a healthy and delicious way to get our daily dose of veggies.”
  • Sous-vide picks up the pace. “Once a cutting-edge cooking style, sous-vide has become widely mainstream, especially for the unconventional home cooks. It’s a simple way to get an evenly cooked dish.”