Trending Chefs

At Ghee Dadeland, chef/owner Niven Patel has adapted to a strictly takeout/curbside business model. In addition he has been bringing in, daily, harvested product from his personal farm, Rancho Patel in Homestead. He lays out that day’s bounty and asks folks to take what they want, free of charge if they are in need (waste not!) or drop a couple bucks if they can but no obligation, no judgement.

At Chug’s, his Cuban-American diner in Coconut Grove, Miami, chef/owner Michael Beltran has gone strictly takeout only but in order to keep two hourly employees on the payroll, keep revenue going (even if it’s just a little) and help those in the neighborhood (Chug’s is a real locals’ place) he has turned a section of the diner into a grocery with dry goods, paper products, etc.