True American Privateer Rum From Essex County, Massachusetts, Launches in New York

Conviction, Best Distilling Practices and the Belief That Rum Should Not be Excused From Excellence

True American Privateer Rum From Essex County, Massachusetts, Launches in New YorkPrivateer Rum, produced in Essex County, Massachusetts, is now distributed in New York City by Winebow, Inc. Now New Yorkers can enjoy these award-winning rums produced by a team whose passion for their craft and commitment to quality is evident in every bottle.

Silver Reserve is not your average clear spirit that is often absent of flavor, aroma, and mouth feel. The founders approached silver rum knowing they wanted to create a fine spirit. It is supple on the palate with delicate and vibrant flavors. Following on the tremendous success of the silver, Privateer True American Amber is distilled to achieve the rich flavor and complexity more typically associated with a fine whiskey.

Privateer begins with only the highest quality ingredients and yeasts in the world. Fermentation is long and cool in the tradition of great spirits. True American Amber ages in 53 gallon barrels, slowly, breathing in annual cycles in the Maritime climate of New England. Every batch is then cask-finish in used whiskey and brandy barrels. Privateer holds honesty as its promise. They have a purity of purpose that drives them to craft a pure rum. They never adulterate their rums with sweeteners, glycerol, flavorings, additives or colorings.

True American Privateer Rum From Essex County, Massachusetts, Launches in New York

Winebow is committed to bringing the best representations of products from global regions to market. As a result, Winebow’s extensive portfolio of premium wines, spirits and sakes from around the world is unsurpassed in terms of quality and selection. They will distribute Privateer in New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Illinois.

“Winebow’s commitment to bringing the best representations of wine and spirits to the market through a knowledgeable and motivated sales team has been evident from our first meeting,” says President of Privateer, Andrew Cabot. “We are delighted to be partners in the mission of extending Privateer’s brand into the New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and Illinois markets.”

Andrew Cabot (1750-1791), a merchant and rum distiller, became one of the most successful American privateers. He deployed a fleet of more than twenty-five ships including Pilgrim, Revolution and True American for which their rum is named. He was said to be uncommonly clever, and an astute judge of men and situations. Whether smuggling molasses past British patrols or prizing British ships, Cabot was a true American. It is in his spirit that Andrew Cabot, six generations removed from the original Andrew Cabot, decided to embark on the journey of Privateer Rum with childhood friend, Nelse Clark.

Privateer Rum was launched at the nexus of American history, great distilling traditions, and present day possibilities. Their team finds its inspiration in these rich legacies as well as the freedom and spirit of the Revolution’s privateers. Their mission is clear: to produce one of the finest rums in the world in Essex County, Massachusetts and distribute across America for everyone to enjoy.

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About Privateer

Privateer Rum stands out from other rums in their unique fermentation, distillation, aging, batching and bottling processes; and their innovative process of recasking. The result is a sophisticated, complex rum that has been given all the perks of fine spirits production techniques; thoughtfully developed for the most discerning palates. Each consumer will be able to taste the care in their rum. The location of their distillery and its maritime climate contributes greatly to the spirit’s layers of flavors; each bottle has a flavor that is more than the sum of its parts; smooth, yet bursting with flavor. Visit Privateer Rum at and follow on Twitter.