Update Your Holiday Table With Nicky Usa’s Wild Hawaiian Venison

Nicky USA, the butcher and specialty meat purveyor, offers this sustainable wild protein, perfect unique holiday gifting!

Update Your Holiday Table With Nicky Usa’s Wild Hawaiian VenisonNicky USA has the perfect update for any holiday table this season, a truly unique, wild and delicious product from the Hawaiian Islands. Working closely with their partners on the islands, Maui Nui Venison, Nicky Farms Wild Hawaiian Venison offers wild venison, harvested under strict USDA field protocols to ensure safety and quality and utilizing whole animal butchery. Nicky USA’s Master Butcher and his team have fabricated over 2,500 pounds to present a wide selection of cuts to suit any menu, from home to restaurant, including shoulder, rack, and ground meat. Nicky USA was the very first purveyor to bring this incredible protein to the United States, debuting it at their 2015 Wild About Game event to rave reviews by attendees and chefs. Nicky Farms Wild Hawaiian Venison is subtle yet full flavored and is a lean, palate-pleasing meat that is sure to enhance any menu, and wow everyone this holiday season. The Wild Hawaiian Venison also makes for a unique holiday gift for the cook in your life!

Update Your Holiday Table With Nicky Usa’s Wild Hawaiian Venison
Wild Hawaiian Venison

In 1868 King Kamehameha V imported a small herd of Axis deer from India to Moloka’i. The Hawaiian climate and environment suited the deer well and the wild population now stands over 100,000. Unfortunately, the Hawaiian Islands are among the endangered species capitals of the world and the deer pose an environmental threat, causing harm by overgrazing mountain slopes, damaging critical riparian areas, and introducing invasive plant species. Water run off due to the deer’s activities means less water in aquifers and erosion into rivers washes into the ocean, killing coral reefs and adversely affecting fisheries. The deer are an agricultural threat as well. In addition to feeding on sensitive & endangered native plants, they have a voracious appetite for the coffee, fruits and vegetables of the island’s farmers and compete with ranchers for grass. Harvesting the deer is critical to protecting both the environment of the islands and the livelihoods of the islanders. Nicky Farms Wild Hawaiian Venison offers a taste of exceptionally tender and flavorful wild game meat, while helping to preserve the unique flora and fauna of the Hawaiian Islands. Not many foods can match that.

About Nicky USA
Founded in 1990, Nicky USA is the Northwest’s leading butcher and purveyor of specialty game and high quality meats. The Portland-based company has forged relationships with local, national and international ranchers, as well as James Beard Award-winning chefs in an effort to make game a mainstay of specialty markets and fine restaurants. With the purchase of their very own 35.9-acre farm in Aurora, Ore., owner Geoff Latham is able to raise game for Nicky USA and host friends and customers. The company has built one of the nation’s only mobile processing units (MPU) for the sustainable and humane processing of animals, specially designed to process both poultry and hooved animals, making it the only USDA-compliant unit of its kind allowing complete control of the process from field to table. Aside from selling specialty game and high quality meats, Nicky USA hosts Wild About Game on October 2nd, 2016, an annual head-to-head cooking competition and the meatiest culinary celebration in the Northwest. Nicky USA expanded in 2013 with a second location in Seattle. Orders for either location can be made by calling 1.800.469.4162. For more information, visit www.nickyusa.com. Follow @NickyUSA on Twitter and Facebook, and @Nicky.USA on Instagram, as well as #NickyFarms on all channels. To learn more about Nicky USA and Nicky Farms, view the 25th anniversary video here.
About Nicky Farms
Nicky Farms is the house brand of Nicky USA. Launched in 2009 to support Nicky USA’s small, independent ranchers and growers, Nicky Farms products include Northwest raised rabbit, quail, elk, venison, water buffalo, goat and American bison. They can be found on the menus of the Northwest’s best restaurants and the shelves of leading retailers such as New Seasons Markets, World Foods, Zupan’s Markets, Metropolitan Market, and Central Co-Op. For more information, visit: www.nickyusa.com/nicky-farms