UV Sriracha Vodka is the Hottest New Flavor by Phillips Distilling Company

The World’s First Sriracha Vodka: Sure-Fire Way to Spice up Cocktails

UV Sriracha Vodka is the Hottest New Flavor by Phillips Distilling CompanyPhillips Distilling Company (Phillips) today announces the launch of UV Sriracha Vodka, the first sriracha flavored vodka to hit the market. UV Sriracha Vodka is a bold blast of spicy flavors and the ultimate vodka for anyone who wants to add a kick to their cocktail.

UV Sriracha is infused with a proprietary blend of chilis, garlic and vegetables. These flavors honor the traditional sriracha hot sauce, named after Si Racha, Thailand; the city where it was first created. Everyone is craving the wildly popular sriracha, which some claim as the world’s favorite condiment for anything. Snacks, candy and numerous food products are riding the sriracha craze; however UV is the first vodka to satisfy fiery flavor fans.

“UV Sriracha is not too hot, not too spicy and the ideal vodka to punch up a bloody mary or any savory drink,” said Jim Aune, Phillips director of research and development. “The nose has a blend of chili peppers, including the hotter red chili pepper and the more subtle green chili pepper. UV Sriracha has a pepper character that hits you right up front, which is very quickly followed by the hot pepper. The hot stays mainly on the front of the tongue. It is buffered by the green pepper so the spice comes through, without offensive heat.”

“Phillips is continually researching, testing and on the cutting edge of culinary flavor trends,” said Jason Connelly, Phillips vice president of sales. “Being first to market has been a competitive advantage for UV, however, we take great pride in ensuring that all of our flavors are perfectly balanced and measured. UV Sriracha Vodka was in development until the ideal combination of peppers and spices was achieved, resulting in vodka that is spicy with a gentle, balancing sweetness that measures the heat.”

To differentiate from other pepper vodkas, Aune fine-tuned a formula of chili peppers, vinegar and garlic to create an authentic sriracha flavor that is the right balance of spice, tang and sweetness. “Sriracha connoisseurs will love the bold, bright chili, complimented by a sweetness that finishes green,” said Aune.

Spirits innovators since the 1930’s, Phillips was one of the first in the industry to embrace the popular dessert flavored vodkas with UV Cake, UV Chocolate Cake, UV Whipped and UV Candy Bar. Developing a sriracha flavored vodka resulted from listening to consumers and leveraging innovation to meet their preferences. UV Sriracha Vodka is the 20th variety of flavored vodka for the popular UV Vodka brand. Other flavors include Blue Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, Cherry, Apple, Salty Watermelon, Coconut, Grape, Vanilla, Citrus, Espresso, Sweet Green Tea and UV’s straight vodkas UV 80 and UV 103. Visit www.uvvodka.com for additional information and recipes.

With its recent 2013 Impact Blue Chip Brand award, UV Vodka has been an IMPACT! Magazine Hot Brand award winner for eight consecutive years.

UV Vodka is distilled four times for premium quality and activated carbon filtered to ensure the highest level of purity and the perfect pH balance. UV Sriracha is available in one liter, 750ml and 50ml bottle sizes with a suggested retail price of $12.99 for a one liter bottle, $11.99 for a 750ml bottle and 99 cents for a 50ml bottle.

UV Sriracha is the perfect complement to any bloody mary recipe.

Sriracha Bloody Mary

  • 1 part UV Sriracha Vodka
  • 2 parts bloody mary mix
  • Stir and serve over ice with your favorite bloody mary garnishes.

To learn more about UV Sriracha Vodka please visit them on the web, and find them on Facebook and Twitter.

About Phillips Distilling Company
Phillips Distilling Company (Phillips) is one of the most innovative and enduring distilled spirits companies in the U.S. Over 100 years in the making, Phillips continues to produce high-quality products using only the finest ingredients, sourced from around the globe. From America’s first schnapps in the 1930s, to flavored vodka in the 1950s, to flavored whiskey in the 2000s, Phillips is consistently a pioneer in the spirits industry. The Phillips portfolio includes UV Vodka flavored vodkas, Prairie Organic Spirits, Revel Stoke Spiced Whisky, Phillips and SourPuss Liqueurs. Phillips Distilling Company is a subsidiary of United States Distilled Products. The company is based in Minneapolis. www.phillipsdistilling.com