Crystal Seas Oysters Ensures Safety with Irradiated Crystal Clear Oysters

Crystal Seas Oysters Ensures Safety with Irradiated Crystal Clear OystersGulf Coast oyster processors have taken strides in post-harvest technologies to ensure safer alternatives to traditional raw oysters. One example is Crystal Seas Oysters’ Crystal Clear Oysters, which are live, in-shell oysters that have been irradiated and tested to ensure safe, high-quality, reef-fresh flavor all-year long. Mississippi Gulf Oysters have always been prized for their plump rich meat and subtle flavors of the sea, but with Crystal Seas Oysters’ irradiation process, operators can feel even better about serving this quality tested shellfish.

Crystal Clear Oysters are unique because they have been irradiated to reduce Vibrio, a naturally occurring bacteria that can cause severe illness, to non-detectable levels. During the summer months, shellfish safety can sometimes be questionable when a high concentration of the dangerous Vibrio bacteria is present. This is no longer a concern with the Crystal Seas Oysters’ irradiation system, which also prolongs shelf life and allows oysters to remain cold throughout the irradiation process. To do this, Crystal Seas Oysters uses a $5 million food irradiation facility located at the Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport. Crystal Clear Oysters are one-of-a-kind because they are still alive after the process, so they can be served raw on the half shell.

Crystal Seas Oysters Ensures Safety with Irradiated Crystal Clear Oysters“Mississippi’s fresh, plump oysters are considered one of the gems of the Gulf seafood industry,” says Brooke Goff, Mississippi Seafood Marketing Program. “We grow up shucking oysters fresh from the Gulf and enjoying them in a variety of dishes. Crystal Clear Oysters provide the same exceptional fresh flavors but without the concern for safety.”

Crystal Clear Oysters deliver reef-fresh flavor and are kept cold from sea-to-table to ensure a delicious, high quality, consistent product year-round. High in protein and low in fat, oysters are a tasty, versatile staple of the coast. Crystal Clear Oysters are so fresh and flavorful, they can be served raw on the half-shell or prepared in variety of ways including broiling, steaming, baking and frying. Crystal Clear Oysters are tested for quality and safety so operators can feel good about serving them to their customers.

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