V-Day Coverage: New Survey Shows Drinking/Dating Preferences of Millennials


Survey Commissioned by Southern Comfort 100 Proof® Explores Dating and Drinking Preferences of Millennials

(Louisville, Ky.) – February 2, 2016 – Valentine’s Day is only a few heartbeats away, so whether you’re frantically swiping right or have a lifelong Valentine, you no doubt have love on the mind. But, if you’re like nearly half of millennials, you’ll be skipping the reservations and staying in this Valentine’s Day, according to a survey* commissioned by Southern Comfort 100 Proof®. So, before you splurge on that expensive bottle of wine or bouquet of roses, check out a few spirited stats about the dating and drinking preferences of millennials.

More millennials will stay in and cook rather than dine out on Valentine’s Day.

Let’s face it…dining out isn’t cheap! Perhaps that’s why 44 percent of millennials surveyed plan to cook dinner at home on Valentine’s Day. And while you’re likely to focus your efforts on finding the perfect filet mignon recipe, don’t forget how good that steak can taste with a classic crafted cocktail such as a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

Don’t be THAT guy. Be THE guy.

Looking to take your mixology game to the next level? Well, now you have a reason to put that cocktail shaker to good use. Ninety-three percent of respondents say they are impressed by people who know how to make a good cocktail, which means there’s a 93 percent chance that, if you know how to work that shaker, your recipe will be a hit with your Valentine’s Day date. Take the odds!

Do you know how to make a really, really, really good cocktail?

Pop quiz: what ingredients are required to make an Old Fashioned? If you can’t answer that, then you might want to hold off on switching to a career in mixology. That’s a shame, because nearly three‑quarters of survey respondents (70 percent) say they would date a mixologist. Talk about game.

It’s not me, it’s you! Whiskey can be intimidating.

While it has become increasingly popular in recent years, it may be surprising that whiskey can be intimidating to some, much like a first date. In fact, nearly 10 percent of survey respondents say they are downright intimidated by the spirit, with women being five times more intimidated than men. Maybe it’s high time you opted for a whiskey-inspired spirit with a little more experience under its belt – and a lot less bite. A spirit that has been around for more than 140 years. Something with a sophisticated profile featuring flavors of whiskey, fruit and spices that works perfectly as a base in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned – and ISN’T complicated!

Not to mention, 28 percent of millennials said they wish they knew how to make a classic Manhattan or Old Fashioned. So, what are you waiting for? Swipe right with #SoCo100, and toast to Valentine’s Day with these charming recipes!

Comfort Old Fashioned

V-Day Coverage: New Survey Shows Drinking/Dating Preferences of Millennials

1 ½ oz Southern Comfort 100 Proof

½ oz Sparkling Water

1 tsp Sugar

Dash of Bitters

Add bitters, sugar and water in a short glass. Add Southern Comfort 100 Proof and ice cubes. Garnish with lemon twist.


Southern Manhattan®V-Day Coverage: New Survey Shows Drinking/Dating Preferences of Millennials

2 oz Southern Comfort 100 Proof

¾ oz Sweet Vermouth

Dash of Bitters

Combine ingredients with ice in a shaker; shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a cherry.


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*This survey was conducted by Instantly on behalf of Southern Comfort 100 Proof, and polled 1,001 respondents aged 21-34 who are not married and drink alcohol at least one time per month.


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