Regatta Craft Mixers and Instagram mixologist and cocktail blogger, Jes Gutierrez-Switaj (aka @the.sauceress) have joined forces to create a delicious array of Tiki cocktail recipes perfectly-timed to help professional bartenders and their patrons get ready to embrace the arrival of spring Tiki-style.


What is a Tiki cocktail? While there is no official definition, there are a number of common characteristics that come into play when crafting a Tiki treat: rum, tropical fruits, and layers of additional flavors that can include liqueurs, mixers, syrups, juices, spices, and of course, elaborate garnishes.


“Tiki cocktails and culture are poised to take the spotlight once again,” noted Gutierrez-Switaj. “And it’s in no small part due to the season’s growing appeal for drinks that are more fun, carefree and accessible. A Tiki cocktail usually includes several ingredients – some you’ve never heard of – that when blended together are going to taste great, no matter what.”


Check out these inspired Tiki cocktail recipes, developed by @the.sauceress and crafted using Regatta Craft Mixers:


Fantasy Island Mule

1 oz. Cardinal Spirits Tiki Rum

1 oz. Pau Maui Vodka

5 oz. Gold Rum

.5 oz. Passion Fruit Liqueur

1 oz. Mango Guava Syrup

1 oz. Lime Juice

1 oz. Fresh Pineapple Juice

3-4 oz. Regatta Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer

8 drops Bittermen’sElemakule Tiki Bitters


Combine all ingredients except ginger beer and bitters in a shaker with a big scoop of crushed or nugget ice. Give it a few good shakes to chill and then pour everything straight into your glass. Top off with ginger beer and bitters, stir and enjoy!


Give It Mahalo You’ve Got 

1 oz. Havana Club Añejo Especial

.5 oz. Rum Java Cacao Rum

.5 oz. Blood Orange Aperitivo

.25 oz. Spytail Black Ginger Rum

.25 oz. Banana Liqueur

.25 oz. Amaretto

.25 oz. Creme de Mure

.25 oz. Allspice Dram

.25 oz. Vanilla Liqueur

1.5 oz. Regatta Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer

Homemade Juice Blend (pineapple, guava, pomegranate, blood orange, lychee, caped gooseberry)

Juice of ½ Lime

6 Drops Dashfire Bay Leaf Bitters

6 Drops Bittermen’sElemakule Tiki Bitters

6 Dashes El Guapo Fuego Bitters


Fill a glass with ice. Start dumping stuff in. Garnish like your life depends on it. Stir well. Drink.


Queen of Paradise

1 oz. Jamaican Rum

1 oz. Dark Rum

1 oz. Passionfruit Liqueur

.5 oz. Blood Orange Liqueur

2 oz. Regatta Ginger Ale

2 oz. Pomegranate Juice

1 oz. Pineapple Juice

.5 oz. Lime Juice

1 Barspoon Orange Blossom Water

1 Barspoon Luxardo Cherry Syrup


Combine rums, liqueurs, pomegranate juice and cherry syrup and stir. Separately, combine pineapple juice, lime juice and orange blossom water. Fill a glass with crushed or nugget ice. Pour in rum mixture. Add Regatta Ginger Ale. Add more ice if needed and then float pineapple mixture on top. Garnish with dried fruit, a cherry and a ginger crown. Stir before drinking.


“The relaxed vibe of Tiki is exactly what is needed in stressful times like this,” Gutierrez-Switaj added. “Tiki cocktails help to take your mind off reality and make you imagine you’re on the beach somewhere. Who wouldn’t crack a smile at a wacky Tiki mug brimming with booze and a mountain of garnishes?”


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