What Are The Top Cream Charger Brands?

Cream chargers have gained traction since their introduction in the mid-20th century, offering the ability to pump nitrous oxide (N2O) into liquids to aerate them. Primarily, they are used in the culinary world to create everything from alcoholic beverages to mousses and desserts. Traditionally, they would be used by professionals, but more people are trying to use them in an attempt to create their favorite fancy dishes. As long as cream chargers are purchased from reputable buyers and the guidelines are followed correctly, they are perfectly safe.

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What Is A Cream Charger?

Cream chargers are canisters filled with N2O and are used to easily aerate liquids. If you’ve ever made a dessert that involves mousse, you will know the struggles of whipping to the correct consistency. When you use a cream charger, your mousse game will be on point with very little effort. When being used for whipped cream, the N2O dissolves the fat content within the cream, which causes pressure to build up in the dispenser. Once the dispenser is released, the pressure escapes, and the N2O expands within the fat molecules.

According to the leading provider of cream chargers and nangs in Melbourne, NangWizard, this is their selection of the top 3 cream charger brands available in the market:


FreshWhip cream chargers are designed to fit all standard cream dispensors, making them a great choice for those of you at home. Further, canisters only contain pure certified N2O, meaning there is no oily residue left over. Their chargers come in a range of different flavors including strawberry and mint. With their innovation, they push towards excellent product design, supplying professional canisters with 99% quality N2O and 1% flavoring. To prevent your product from rusting, the canister is coated with a preventive layer, allowing it to go on whipping for longer.


When it comes to reliability, these cream chargers are top-notch. Each canister contains a standardized 8g of nitrous oxide, is compatible with all standard dispensers, and comes in boxes of 24. BestWhip pride itself on their stellar customer service and their outreach that covers over 50 countries. On their website, you can find products that cover CO2, butane, and N2 – some of which are extremely popular.


SupremeWhip is ‘the home of premium N20 cream chargers and nangs’, and only deals in pure quality canisters. Based in the USA, they have a big presence in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Based on over 60 years’ worth of experience, they supply professionals and amateur kitchens alike. Typically, their stockpile is huge, and they offer same-day delivery from their California and Florida distribution hubs.

Cream chargers are growing in popularity due to peoples want to experiment at home. With availability all over the world and the N2O’s ability to more than double the quantity of cream, it’s no surprise that they are doing so well. Where you’re a baker or a cocktail maker, it’s time to get your cream chargers now.