What Beverages Drink Companies are Stepping Up to the Plate

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What Beverages Drink Companies are Stepping Up to the PlateWith all the health concerns today about weight gain and the number of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and many other harmful additives, what are beverages drink companies doing about it? If they are in part a big contributor to these problems, then they should be stepping up and doing their part to rectify the situation.

More and more beverage and drink companies have pulled sugary sodas and drinks from vending machines at schools, replacing them with healthier alternatives, like juices, and water. Many have even provided enhance drinks, that include many of the vitamins and minerals that are needed to keep young minds active.

Some companies are even attracting young people with cool gimmicks that will get them to buy healthier products. A nutrient powder in different flavors and colors can be twisted by the cap, and when it ‘blasts’ into to water, it’s simply shaken up to mix. Many kids are attracted by the idea of taking some kind of control over the choices they have, and others like the idea of watching colors changing. Even though they may purchase these because of these neat gimmicks, they are still drinking healthier without really thinking about it.

Other beverage and drink companies and reducing the use of artificial sweeteners, and the number of calories, not just say it’s diet and add some different tastes to it. More and more companies are reducing the amount of packaging, and are using more recycled materials in making their containers, like plastic and aluminum. Also, more natural ingredients are added, real fruit juices, vitamins and minerals, and many other nutrients your body needs.

Some companies are starting to incorporate sports science into water and sports drinks. When people are active, they need extra electrolytes and other nutrients more than are found in regular drinks. Sports science often combines different ingredients to make up certain drinks, like refueling your body when you are in physical activity or refreshing your mind when you are stressed out.

It is not enough for just beverages to drink companies to do their part, but all of our jobs. It is the responsibility of parents to not only regulate the amount of soda and other sugary they serve at home but to teach their children about why as well. It is important to speak up when you find vending machines in your office that don’t offer healthier choices. It is also important that you are as educated as you can on labeling information, what sweeteners are made from, and alternatives to sugary drinks.

There is much information on beverages, drink companies, and other things online. You can find products that are healthier to drink, where you can buy them, and the benefits they provide. You can find out about what each company is doing to improve their products, how they are reducing the impact on the environmentWhat Beverages Drink Companies are Stepping Up to the Plate, and many other important tips and ideas on what you can personally do to help.