What Makes an Excellent Breakfast?

What Makes an Excellent Breakfast?Whether you are in graduate school doing your thesis or a marketer who is off to another stressful day at work, a good breakfast is not just a regular meal. After all, breakfast accounts for 15 percent of all eating occasions during the day, with people consuming mid-morning and pre-lunchtime snacks. With that being said, it’s always a good idea to leave home every morning feeling energized from our favorite breakfast food.

It makes sense for people to eat more in the morning since they need all the energy and nourishment they can get to kickstart a busy day. A good breakfast makes all the difference when you are opting to stay productive. But there are also ways to customize your morning meals and create an excellent breakfast that’s right for you.

Want to start the day off right? Give yourself an early morning boost by knowing the three most important components of a perfect breakfast meal.

Brewed coffee

Who doesn’t like coffee? Rich in antioxidants and other stress-relieving nutrients, a hot cup of joe completes a fully-functioning adult’s morning routine. Besides, we just can’t leave home without getting our first fix for the day!

And while you can always prepare instant supermarket coffee, brewing roasted coffee beans is considered much healthier. This is because pure ground coffee beans retain most of their antioxidants and essential minerals.

So, in terms of preparing your regular morning ritual, you might want to try out a ceramic pour over dripper to make sure you get the most out of every bean.

Fruits and vegetables

You can never single out fruits and vegetables from the breakfast equation. Remember that you need a substantial amount of antioxidants to get you through the day, and the best sources of these — aside from coffee — are leafy vegetables and berries.

For a start, you can begin your new breakfast routine by preparing a healthy spinach salad topped with a fried egg. If you are a fan of broccoli, you can mix it with other vegetables such as cauliflower and eggplant to create a meal that’s low on fats and good for the heart.

You can finish off your meal with a healthy fruit salad consisting of mixed berries and topped with whipped cream. Being low in sugar and chock-full of nutrients to fight off bad cholesterol,  berries would make for a delicious culmination to a power breakfast.


It’s not easy to ignore the fact that we need carbs to keep us pumped up for the day. Eating too much, though, can actually offset weight-loss successes.

When it comes down to grains, you need to be careful not to go over the limits you have set for yourself. For good measure, you might want to go beyond cereals and explore whole-grain alternatives to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Quick porridge or amino acid-rich quinoa could pass as the best alternatives to sugary cereals.

For good measure, you can improve these whole-grain recipes by adding your favorite fruit to the mix and a dash of sweetened milk. You will then have all the nourishment you need to get you through the day.