When We Say “The New White Flour”

When We Say  “The New White Flour”When we say “The New White Flour” – we’re not kidding. When you think of regular flour, you think of versatility. Cali’flour Foods pizza crust is no exception to the rule! How many different foods can one make with this simple product? Let’s brainstorm.

Other than the endless amount of pizza’s you can make, there’s a good handful of bread-like meals that are delicious and easy. Let’s start with breakfast. You can use the crust as a pie crust in the bottom of your pie pan and make quiche. Or you can toast the crust to your own crispy preference and slather some avocado for a filling Avocado Toast. Next, there’s lunch. Do the pre-bake, per the box instruction, and cut the crust in half to make a sandwich or throw in some cheese and grill for a grilled cheese. You can even layer sandwich-type ingredients on top of the whole crust and roll it for a wrap. After that, cut the crust into chip size slices and toast to taste for a chip that you can dip in salsa or ranch dip. Lastly, for dinner, grab a couple crusts and check out Cali’flour Foods website for recipes on lasagna, nachos, casserole, and more!

When We Say  “The New White Flour”