Why You Should Choose Guided Wine Tours Over Self-Driving Trips

One of the most popular entertainment options for business social clubs, hens parties, and private groups are wine tours. You get to enjoy a day out with friends, explore new parts of the country, and sample delicious wines paired with exquisite cuisine.

However, one of the most troublesome parts about such trips is transport. There’s simply no legal way to enjoy a wine tour to its full potential when you’re behind the wheel of a car. If you’re tossing up between a self-drive tour or a guided one, here are a few of the many reasons why a guided tour may be the best choice.

Transportation Convenience

What you may notice about most wine tours, including wine tours of the Hunter Valley, is that each vineyard can be a reasonable distance away from each other. As a result, walking and taking public transport is not always practical.

You might think the only other option is driving yourself, but this means you can’t enjoy the same tasting experiences as your peers. While a self-driving tour can allow for more time flexibility, there’s simply no more convenient way to get around than with a wine tour company.

Often, you can arrange for pick-up from various locations and enjoy a comfortable seat aboard a minibus. Traveling to each vineyard on a minibus also means that you can invite more people to enjoy wine with you, rather than just as many as would fit in a standard car.

The Vineyards Are Chosen for You

If you have planned any social occasion before, you’re likely aware of just how much time and effort goes into its planning. When you choose a guided wine tour, much of that organization is already done.

You simply need to turn up to a venue to be picked up, and your chosen wine tour operator will take you to some of the best vineyards to enjoy delicious beverages. These same tour operators would have also taken the time to ensure that your other entertainment needs are taken care of, with food, a fun atmosphere, and shopping opportunities.

More Time for Socializing

When you go on a self-driven tour, the trip organizer has to pay close attention to the timing of activities to make sure every vineyard, cellar, and restaurant can be squeezed in. Such organization during the entirety of the trip can take up a lot of time. It can also take away some of the enjoyment.

Even though you may have been responsible for booking a wine tour, you can be just as much a participant in it as everyone else in your group. You have given a tour guide complete control over making sure you can arrive at each destination on time.

Better Education

There are always plenty of signs and notes for you to read on a wine tour. Still, an experienced wine tour guide has a wealth of information that would never fit on a single sign. You can learn about wine storage, wine origins, the best ways to sample wine, and more.

The next time you’re thinking about planning a corporate trip, hens party, or a fun day out with your friends, consider whether you have to be the one to organize it. You may see the value of having a tour company take care of everything from start to finish.