Wine and Southern France, an ongoing love story

The French will have unique and interesting methods for wine testing through the modern age and day. While seeing it, you can posh the wine within the glass and smell the same before taking a sip. This is another method to determine the wine quality. But still, they are numerous unique methods to test the wine quality by seeking assistance through wine experts or professionals. When pouring the wine gently, it should cry properly during the testing phase.

The wine must drip down the wine-glass similar to a teardrop. You can check for the tear’s consistency when pouring the wine. If you can’t see the tears strips then it is not a good wine to consume. Another term for wine testing is known as the dress or robe. Similar to good fabric, you can test the texture on the tongue and its color appearance. Depending on the testing of the metaphor-based material reference.

Wine – Golden Age

By using the production techniques enhancement within the 18th century will result in the emergence of numerous products. The invention of finer qualities of the corkscrew, utilizing the corks & glass bottles, and wine. During this time, the French Wine industry started its process and was recognized by various clarets across the Bordeaux region. You can find some popular merchants or vendors from Scandinavia, Ireland, Germany, and also Low Countries. Bordeaux creates a new world with multiple sought-after items and started trading wine for coffee. Within the emerging world trade, it assists inthe role of the cement of wine.

Moreover, the 19th century is referred to as the Wine’s Golden Age for various regions without any tragedy. During 1863, multiple French vines had suffered a lot from a disease that was caused by the Phylloxera aphid. It will suck out the entire juice from the roots. After discovering the similar Phylloxera aphid in America, they planned to utilize the American vines across French affected regions. It will create hybrid grapes and assist to produce numerous greater wines varieties.

Southern France Wine Vineyards

Southwards and Inland from the Saint Emilion or Bordeaux regions will have a smaller number of well-known wine-growing regions. Most of them are producing good wines even at very affordable pricing. It includes Vin de Pays du Lot, Cotes du Tarn, Marcillac, Gaillac, Cahors, Bergerac, and many others. The wine production area of the Bergerac is known as White wines. Montbazillac may include some sweet & strong aperitif wines. Basically, the grape variety of Malbecis known as Purple wines. The wine production area of the Cahorsis popular as the France darkest & richest red wines.

Bergerac, Gaillac, and Cahors wine vineyards will produce red wines and they are more popular and quite extensive. However, Marcillac is another smaller production area for preparing good quality wines. Apart from the Pyrenees, you can some good white wines across the vineyards available at Bearn and Jurancon. You can find the Gascony Wine vineyards at the Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh location is famous for its distinctive aperitif wines. The well-known red wine is properly produced at the Madrian Wine vineyards.

Wine Making Process

While preparing the French wine, most of the winemakers must crush the entire grapes to get the cellar. It is essential to utilize a crusher for crushing the grapes. This is the core process while making French wine. If this process is not properly done then you can’t get the alcohol within the wine. Only you can receive the grape juice. Winemakers will use the grapes within the French wine-making that includes various important chemicals, yeasts, and natural sugars.

During the French wine grapes fermentation process, it will undergo a process for changing the chemical balances. These chemical changes will make the special French wine to taste. It is important to maintain the proper temperature during the wine-making process. They can be set at least 30 degrees Celsius steady temperature for fermenting the wine grapes. French wine process should be smooth by placing the proper ventilation.

Next Stage

The next stage of the French wine-making process is the maceration stage. With this process, the French wine will get the appropriate color. The French wine color will appear from its natural tannin and peels of your wine grapes. A Wine body can be developed during this stage while preparing the French wine. Depending on the type of French wine preparation, this maceration process timing may change or vary.

A few French wines preparation time will be less and others will take more time. But for some cases, it may take even several weeks to complete the French wine-making process. After completing the French wine preparation’s last stage, you can take out the solids from the wine. This is commonly referred to as the ranking process. Each process will assist to extract numerous French wine types. You can squeeze the pulp and press the wine to get the free run French wine.