Women-Owned Brands: Beautiful Briny Sea

Beautiful Briny Sea in Food & Beverage Magazine

Beautiful Briny Sea is an Atlanta artisan dry-goods company founded by Suzi Sheffield. Its products are 100% handmade using locally grown herbs, foraged mushrooms and organic spices sourced from growers and purveyors guided by methods of sustainability. Named one of Southern Living’s “Best Southern Made Foods,” Beautiful Briny Sea’s salt blends, sugar blends and gift sets can be found from coast to coast in gourmet groceries, mom and pop stores, galleries and pop-up shops as well as local restaurants and farmers markets. They also offer a variety of signature mixes for select retailers, including Williams Sonoma and Fishs Eddy. From the locally grown herbs to the foraged mushrooms, every ingredient is sourced and gathered with integrity, resulting in honest, simple and downright uncommon hand-crafted goods. With culinary skill and an unabashed knack for whimsy, Suzi has crafted a roster of hand-blended salt batches, sugar blends, and other gourmet sundries.

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