World Of Beer Toasts National Beer Day By Serving America’s First Customizable, Personalized Pints

World Of Beer Toasts National Beer Day By Serving America’s First Customizable, Personalized PintsWorld of Beer (WOB), a neighborhood gathering spot for craft beer-lovers, has something special brewing this National Beer Day (April 7, 2018) with the announcement that it will be the first chain in the United States to serve personalized pints. As the inaugural commercial partner for Ripples, the innovative company behind Beer Ripples, a device that can print any image or message in beer, WOB customers will now be able to share messages, chat-up lines or even their own pictures in pints to add to the fun of enjoying beers with friends.

Following a successful pilot in Tampa during St Patrick’s Day, WOB is now rolling out the Beer Ripples in 20 taverns across the country. To mark National Beer Day, locations will be offering themed and tailored content, using Beer Ripples, to add to the fun of celebrating all things beer!

World Of Beer Toasts National Beer Day By Serving America’s First Customizable, Personalized Pints“World of Beer has been providing unique craft beer experiences to our guests for more than 11 years so our partnership with Ripples is a natural fit with our commitment to innovation,” said Dave Reid, COO of World of Beer. “Reaction to Beer Ripples during our St Patrick’s Day pilot was overwhelming positive. Not only did we bring smiles to our customers, we increased our social engagement with them and saw an uplift in sales as people couldn’t resist seeing their favorite images in their beers.” Designed to help bars, restaurants, clubs, hospitality owners and brands increase their engagement with their customers, Beer Ripples turns any foam-topped beer into a joyful and Instagramable moment using the latest 3D printing technology and malt-based ink. See it in action here!

“With its enthusiastic customer base and extensive range of beers, World of Beer is the perfect partner for Ripples, and we could not be more thrilled it is our first U.S. customer,” said Yossi Meshulam, CEO of Ripples. “After two years of success with our Coffee Ripples device, we have served literally millions of Ripples with customers such as Hilton, Lavazza, Four Seasons, and independent restaurants and coffee shops around the world. Now, venues serving beer from pubs and clubs to hotels and sporting venues can take advantage of the engagement, loyalty and emotional connection opportunities that Ripples provides.”

The Wi-Fi connected, counter-top sized device features a highly intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen system, and no special training is needed to operate. Any bartender, event host or server can add a special touch to any brew in moments and customers can even send a photo, personal image or message to Beer Ripples through the Ripples mobile app.

Key elements of the Ripples experience include:
• Wi-Fi enabled device that neatly fits onto a counter top with a small 8.5” x 10.5” footprint
• Creates high quality images or messages on foam topped beer in just 10 seconds
• Ripples uses malt-based ink, producing beer-based shades and maintaining the natural beer experience
• Supports glasses up to seven inches tall
• Ripples’ provides content/images from its library of hundreds of images and messages. New images are regularly uploaded in real-time to Ripple Makers around the world
• The free Ripples app, available on both iOS and Android, allows users to choose an existing image from Ripples’ content library or submit an image from their camera gallery to be printed on their drink.

Beer Ripples is available now in the U.S. and Canada. The system will be available globally soon. For more information on the Beer and Coffee Ripples please visit:

Beer Ripples will be available starting April 7, 2018, in participating WOB locations in cities including – Albany, NY; Augusta, GA; Brandon, FL; Cambridge, MA; Coconut Creek, FL; College Station, TX; Destin, FL; Fayetteville, NC; Fort Myers II, FL; Fort Worth, TX; Greensboro, NC; Hilton Head, SC; Louisville, KY; New Orleans, LA; Orlando, FL; Pooler, GA; Tampa, FL; and West Hartford, CT.

For more information on WOB please visit: For more information on the Beer Ripples please visit:


About World of Beer (WOB):
World of Beer was founded in 2007 by two best friends in Tampa, Fla. who wanted to create a welcoming place where friends could gather, drink, eat and explore. WOB, the original craft beer bar, boasts hundreds of beers and 50 rotating taps at each location along with signature food menus specifically designed to enhance the flavor of beers. World of Beer has grown to a global franchise with 60+ locations in the United States, South Korea, and China. For more information,

About Ripples:
Ripples™ is a revolutionary content marketing platform that offers the Hospitality and Food & Beverages industries creative solutions to increase customer engagement. With the Ripples™ Ripple Maker, businesses serving foam-topped drinks create personal interactions with their customers by surprising them with messages and images that are printed directly onto their drinks. Images can be customized and branded and can be updated daily to support ongoing promotional activities, leading to positive real-time interactions, location-based social media shares, and long-term brand awareness and loyalty. The Ripple Maker includes a constantly updated content library, and businesses can add their own exclusive original content.

World of Beer Contact:
James Buell / World of Beer
Ripples Contact:
Cara Morgan / Tandem Marketing Communications | 713-829-1794