Food Saver Keeps Food Fresher up to 8X Longer

Winner of 2016 iF Design Award — No Pump or Electricity Needed Saves Money & Waste — Perfect for Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, Snacks, Tobacco, Herbs, Baked Goods & More

THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL NON-ELECTRIC VACUUM SEALED FOOD CONTAINER EVER BUILTAnkomn announced today Savior, t ever made for food storage. Featuring Ankomn’s patented vacuum seal technology system, Savior keeps food fresher up to 8 times longer, saving waste, money, and the environment. Winner of the 2016 iF Design Award, Savior keeps food at the peak of its freshness by forcing air out with each twist, locking out excessive humidity as well as dry air that can make food go stale. Also perfect for marinating meats, Savior keep all food fresh, including nuts, tobacco, coffee, tea, truffles, herbs, fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese, chips, and baked goods – all products will stay fresher longer in Savior’s proprietary vacuum sealed containers.

Based on Ankomn’s research, an American family of five wastes approximately $100 a month throwing out foods when they expire before being consumed. Savior keeps food fresher longer, stopping waste and saving families money (see comparison chart below). Since Savior requires no electricity, it is also great for outdoor activities, such as camping, hunting and fishing. Refrigerator and freezer safe, stacking vertically for space-efficient storage, Savior is a must-have for a modern kitchen and lifestyle. Savior is stain-resistant and easy to clean — just pop the container in the dishwasher and quickly wash out the lid in the sink (lid is not dishwasher safe because of the vacuum components).THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL NON-ELECTRIC VACUUM SEALED FOOD CONTAINER EVER BUILT

Easy operation – Creates an Air-tight Seal in Seconds with 3 Easy Twists of the Wrist!

Unlike expensive vacuum seal systems with complex operation, Savior doesn’t require a bulky hard-to-use pump or dangerous electricity. Savior creates an air-tight seal in seconds with just 3 easy twists of your wrist. The vacuum seal can also be easily released by pressing the button on the bottom of the container.

Ankomn Savior Features:

  • Saves money: keeps food fresher up to 8 times longer.
  • Essential kitchen tool: especially useful for expensive meats, herbs, truffles, tobacco, coffee, mushrooms, tea, vegetables, fruit, cheese, chips, snacks, baked goods, flour, sugar, and more.
  • Easy to clean: stain-resistant for easy clean-up.
  • Dishwasher safe: container is dishwasher safe, lid must be hand-washed due to vacuum components.
  • BPA free and environmentally friendly: free of toxins and non-electric twist design is safe for the environment.
  • Refrigerator and freezer safe: includes no batteries or cords to keep products fresher longer in the refrigerator.
  • Quick marinating: super strong vacuum seal provides faster and deeper marinating.
  • Stackable: modular design allows the containers to be stacked vertically for space-efficient storage.
  • Available in small & large sizes: small 1.5 quart 5.7” x 5.7” x 6.5”, Large at 2.5 quart 5.7” x 5.7” x 8.2”.
  • Easy quick-release button: releases vacuum and opens with button on bottom of container.
  • Available in three colors: white/brown, white/gray, and white/beige.
  • 2 year warranty.

The Ankomn Savior non-electric vacuum seal container line is available immediately in white/brown, white/gray, and white/beige from and at, priced at $69.99 for the small 1.5 qt and $74.99 for the large 2.5 qt container. For a limited time, customers may purchase the set of both small and large containers for $144.99. For more information and to purchase, see the website, Facebook: The Ankomn brand was created by Enlifery, a leading designer of small home electronics.