ZX Kitchen Black Ceramic Knives

Whether you are a master chef, Food Network® fan or the designated family cook, the tools you use in the kitchen can make or break your meal.  Like a new sports car or a high definition television, the sleek and smooth ceramic cutlery from ZX Kitchen™ makes the experience just a little bit better.  ZX Kitchen™ is the next revolution in food preparation and the knives are a vital addition to any kitchen. Visit www.zxkitchen.com.

What makes ZX Kitchen™ knives the ultimate cooking tools for the gourmet-savvy? The blades are made from zirconium oxide, the hardest material on earth after the diamond.  Sharper than traditional steel cutlery, ceramic knives slice flawlessly for five years with no need for re-sharpening.

ZX Kitchen™ makes breakfast, lunch and dinner hassle-free. Finely chop vegetables for delectable omelets in the morning, or slice tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and carrots with the utmost precision to make gorgeous salads for lunch. Easily cut fresh baked bread and paper-thin slices of cheese for delicious, deli-fresh sandwiches.  Preparing succulent steak and diced potatoes has never been easier – ZX Kitchen™ knives cut perfect pieces to make a hearty meal with no strain.

Despite the incredible sharpness of ceramic knives, ZX Kitchen™ puts your mind at ease and lets you forget about unfortunate accidents.  They are lightweight with comfort-grip handles, so they fit smoothly in your hand protect your knuckles while slicing.  Finish chopping onions before your eyes start to tear up, and cut watermelon or cantaloupe with little effort.  ZX Kitchen™ also offers sheaths to protect the blades – and your fingers – while the knives are stored in a drawer.

Zirconium oxide is safer than steel since it is chemically inert and will not deposit waste as you slice.  That means no rusting, metallic taste, or discoloration in your food.  ZX Kitchen ™ knives are also germ-resistant, so cutting raw meats is worry-free. And unlike white ceramic tools, ZX Kitchen’s™ black ceramic will never stain.  They are non-stick and easily wipe clean, preventing inevitable cuts and scrapes that occur when trying to scrub a knife after use.

Choose the ZX Kitchen™ tools that fit you best from five luxurious collections. The Starter Set is great for budding chefs who are just beginning to build their kitchens, while the Precision Set is perfect for the first-time ceramic user.  With a chef’s knife, utility knife, and a paring knife, the Prep Set is for the serious cook, and the Steak Set makes tough meats easier to eat. The Chop Set, which includes a chef’s knife and a rubberwood cutting board that does not warp or crack, is perfect for preparing vegetables for gourmet meals.

ZX Kitchen™ cutlery is sleek and elegant, so you will be proud to display the knives on any kitchen counter or table, no matter what the décor.  Leave them in their beautiful, sophisticated packaging or take them out to stand on their own.

With a stylish design, comfort grip handles, and stain-proof blades that are harder than steel, ZX Kitchen™ ceramic cutlery is a flawless balance of form and function.  Start building a superior kitchen today and never break a sweat while slicing again.