10 Common Foods You Can Freeze to Make Them Last Longer

Food is probably something that no one hates in this whole wide world. People can have different choices when it comes to flavor and texture, but they will all agree to the undeniable importance of it.


While cooking food can be easy, storing it for some more time than usual is not. So, we have listed below ten everyday food items to freeze to make them last longer.


When stored in a suitable airtight container, your applesauce can be easily frozen. The best part about this trick is that it makes the sauce last for up to twelve months. However, it would help if you remembered to leave some headspace when you put the container in the freezer.


Store-bought butter is wrapped in a freezer-safe wrapper already. So, you don’t have to bother buying a container to freeze your butter in. You can place the butter in the freezer as it is or put it in a freezer bag. It would help if you grated it when you need to use it or melt it.


To freeze cheese, you might want to grate it first. Once you are done with that, store small portions in airtight bags. Adding a tablespoon of cornstarch will help to prevent clumping of the grated cheese. Also, softer cheese won’t freeze as good as hard cheese will.


When it comes to soft cheese such as cream cheese, you can freeze cream cheese directly from the package you bought it. If you already open the cream cheese, transfer it to a container and freeze with the container.


If you want to freeze chocolate in the best way, you have to lower the temperature of the freeze gradually. First, keep the chocolate in an airtight container or bag and place it in the refrigerator for a day. After you’ve done this ritual, your chocolate is ready to be put in the freezer.


Frozen grapes are not only delicious but also last for longer than you might think. All you have to do is give them a good old wash and put them on a baking sheet. The grapes need to be put in the freezer overnight. Their crunchiness lasts for a couple of days.


To freeze herbs, you need to chop them first. Place the herbs in ice cube trays and put olive oil or water, and freeze them overnight. When they’re frozen, you can take them out of the tray and put them in airtight bags.


It is always a good idea to freeze nuts as it helps them preserve their natural oil. You need to wrap them in plastic before you put them in the freezer.


If you did a lousy job at making some rice, and they came out undercooked, freeze them on parchment paper. You can use it to add to some other dish.

Tomato Paste

Save your tomato paste from going bad by freezing it. Just spread it on a plastic-lined cookie sheet in portions, then wrap it in plastic and store it in a freezer bag.

Citrus Zest

You can freeze the zest of citrus fruits in an airtight container. When you want to use it, you can break off a piece. You can use citrus zest in many dessert recipes, such as this citrus blueberry muffins recipe.