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There’s a certain magic to the air when you can smell freshly baked bread, cookies or a cake. If you’re a baking pro or a beginner, having the right baking tools will help you a lot. This blog will explore the 10 essential

baking tools and equipment every home baker should have. 

1. Mixing Bowls

A baker’s kitchen is not complete without mixed bowls of different sizes, which are highly versatile. They ensure even distribution of flavors and textures as they mix ingredients properly. These are also very effective in mixing wet and dry ingredients which are crucial in most baking recipes. In addition, they are used in food storage allowing preparation and keeping baking ingredients for a smooth and orderly baking experience.

2. Measuring Cups and Spoons

Baking is all about accuracy, and so you should have a complete set of measuring cups and spoons. You’ll need both the dry and wet cups for precision when measuring your ingredients. Measuring spoons can be tablespoons, 1⁄2 teaspoons, and ¼ teaspoons. For measuring cups, you need one cup, 1⁄2 cup, and ¼ cup. To measure liquids, you need 1-cup size, but it’s also necessary to have 2-cup and 4-cup options. 

3. Wooden Spoons

The sturdiness of wooden spoons makes them perfect for all types of stirring, and can be used even with the thickest dough. However, it’s necessary to hand wash them to prevent cracking.

4. Spatula or Metal Turner

A spatula is needed when transferring fresh cookies from an oven to a cooling rack. It’s also useful when serving a piece of cake from a 9×13 pan. A spatula with a thin metal blade ideal as it can easily slide under anything without squishing or crumbling. 

5. Oven Thermometer

You should have one thermometer for each oven. While most ovens have built-in thermometers, if they’re not regularly calibrated, the temperature reading is most likely inaccurate. In this case, you should get an oven thermometer to always ensure the actual temperature.

6. Electric Mixer

If you plan to bake a lot, an electric mixer is a must. While hand mixers and stand mixers are common, working with an enormous amount of dough might require advanced equipment like the electric mixer. 

7. Pastry Brush

A pastry brush has many uses, from greasing a pan to coating the dough with melted butter or egg wash to painting on top of a pie crust. 

8. Baking Pans    

Non-stick pans are the best for baking inverted cakes and towering layer cakes. They come in different sizes and shapes with the most common being a 9 inches round pan or 9×13 rectangular pan . The round pan holds approximately four cups of batter and the rectangular one is used for sheet bakes like brownies.


9. Pastry Cutter or Dough Blender

Dough blender makes pie doughs, biscuits, scones, streuses, and many others. This baking tool breaks cold fat into small pieces without completely incorporating it. On the other hand, a pastry cutter ensures your butter is cold when there are chances of it warming up.

10. Fine Mesh Sieve 

A fine mesh sieve is important when sifting dry ingredients and adding a dusting like sugar to a pan of finished brownies or cookies. It’s also useful in draining wet small ingredients like quinoa which would otherwise slip through a rectangular colander. Lastly, this mesh sieve removes self from raspberry sauces.

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Having the right bakeware ensures that all pastries, breads, and cakes are mixed and baked correctly. When buying these tools, make sure they’re multipurpose to avoid cluttering of baking appliances. Stick to the basics if you’re working with a budget as well as ensure their quality to avoid frustrations when things stop working. You can get quality baking tools and equipment from Progressive International.