10 Things You Didn’t Know You Need to Avoid if You Are Pregnant

Being pregnant is one of nature’s unmatched blessings. You are going to be a mommy, and soon you’ll have your little bundle of joy with you, and your life will be filled with colors and happiness.

However, there is no denying the fact that being pregnant is one of the hardest things to do, and it may change you forever. No one but only a pregnant woman can understand what she is going through. So, if you are pregnant, know that you are strong, and I have nothing but respect for you.

While there is not much anyone can do to ease the discomfort that you may be going through, I still have some valuable information for you to share with you in this blog.

I’ve narrowed down a list of things you need to avoid during your pregnancy so that you and your baby remain safe.

Here are something that you didn’t know that you need to avoid other than alcohol and smoking:

Know What Essential Oils to Use

If you don’t know this, then it’ll come as a surprise to you that there are a lot of essential oils that are bad for pregnancy. So, if you are pregnant and you have a habit of using essential oils in your routines, then you must know that you need to change your habit.

Make sure that you do complete research about the toxic essential oils that can harm you or your baby in any way. Once you’ve figured it out, stop using those essential oils both directly and indirectly.

Plastic Containers are A Big No, No

Understandably, it is impossible to stay away from plastic containers in today’s world. Everything that we eat or drink comes in plastic containers. However, it is also a fact that plastic containers can be really bad for the health of your baby.

Most of the plastic containers have bisphenol in their composition. It can be extremely bad for the health of your baby. Therefore, you need to make sure that the plastic containers you are using are BPA free.

Ideally, you used glass containers. So, buy glass bottles and glass containers for yourself. Use them even if you are going to have take-outs.

Avoid Antibacterial Soaps

This may come as a surprise to you, but if you are pregnant and you are using antibacterial soaps, then you need to stop now. It is important because most of the anti-bacterial soaps have triclosan and triclocarban in their ingredients. Both of these ingredients are extremely expensive and can be extremely harmful to the fetus.

I know it can be really hard to find a soap that is not antibacterial. But, all you have to do is make sure that the soap you are using doesn’t have both the ingredients mentioned above in it.

Stay a Mile Away From Unpasteurized Dairy products

If you are pregnant, then you may already know that you need a lot of calcium for the proper growth of your baby. However, the most important thing that you need to know is that you should avoid unpasteurized dairy at all costs.

There are a lot of harmful bacteria in unpasteurized dairy that can make you sick. Most of the time, such bacteria attack your metabolism and make you sick. It can be really bad for the health of the baby because it can make you very weak. So, make sure that you are eating and drinking healthy and fully pasteurized dairy.

Avoid Raw and Deli Meat

We all love sushi, but if you are pregnant, then you may have to stop the urge to eat for a while. The same is the case with deli meat. You need to avoid raw meat because it can have bacteria that directly affects your stomach and makes you sick. Such bacteria can even cause food poisoning, which can be fatal for both you and your baby.

So, make sure that you are not eating any kind of raw and deli meat as long as you are pregnant. After the birth of your baby, have as many sushi as you want.

Don’t Eat Large Fish

Fish is extremely important for you if you are pregnant. It is rich in nutrients and provides the perfect amount of nutrients and proteins that you need for the healthy growth of babies. However, when you are out there buying fish, always buy small fish.

Different studies show that the bigger the fish is, the larger the amount of mercury will be in it. So, make sure that the fish you are eating is small in size.

Say Goodbye to Raw Sprouts

We all know that raw sprouts are healthy, and they taste so great as well. But, if you are pregnant, you must know that raw sprouts may not be good for your health. There are a lot of bacteria in raw sprouts. If you think that you can eat them by thoroughly washing them, then you are wrong. Most of these bacteria don’t get washed away even after washing the sprouts.

So, if you are pregnant, make sure that you avoid the raw sprouts as much as you can. It is for the safety of you and your baby as well.

Forget About Hair Treatments

If you are thinking about getting a hair treatment while you are pregnant, then you may want to hold that thought. It is important because, when you are pregnant, your body goes through a lot of changes, and these changes can affect your hair as well.

Getting an intense hair treatment may cause hair fall or other serious hair problems. So, if you want your hair to not get permanently damaged, then you must avoid all kinds of hair treatments.

Unpasteurized Juices are bad too

You may have heard from your gynecologist that you need to drink fresh juices as much as you can while being pregnant. However, it is something that you may not want to follow religiously. Unpasteurized juice may have a lot of harmful bacteria in it.

Such bacteria can cause serious health issues both for you and your baby. I am not saying that you shouldn’t drink juices at all. But, if you are taking juices in your routine when you are pregnant, then make sure that the juices are pasteurized if you don’t want to get sick.

Surface Cleaners and Pesticides

You may already know that surface cleaners and pesticides have a lot of harmful substances in them. They may not affect a normal person. But, if you are pregnant, you need to stay away from these things. It is because most surface cleaners and pesticides produce fumes that can be very unhealthy for you and your baby.

Above all, such fumes can make you feel nauseated. So, make sure that you are staying away from surface cleaners and pesticides if you want to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

Lastly, you need to remember that you are strong and doing the most incredible thing. Stay strong and wait for your bundle of joy to arrive.