Vegetarian Cuisines from Around the World that are a Must Try

It goes without a doubt that no matter where you go and travel, the first thing that 90% of the people will ask you will be about food. Let it be a flight or going to a marriage ceremony; food is going to be the first on everyone’s priority list. The world has literally turned into a big fancy restaurant, where each state serves a different menu of exotic cuisines. You have an endless menu to choose from, and the list of foods literally overwhelms you.

Food enthusiasts from around the world are always in search of trying new cuisines. There is no denial of the fact that eating a wide variety of food gives you an opportunity to have a nutrient-filled diet. Cuisines that especially have vegetables in their ingredients are perfect for you if you are looking for something that keeps you equally healthy and happy while also satisfies your taste buds. Selecting a different dish for yourself to try is an easy task, and millions of food enthusiasts are seen trying a variety of dishes every day. However, the real challenge is for the vegetarians because they require a cuisine that is 100% vegan friendly.

The following are some exotic and equally amazing vegan-friendly dishes that are a must-try for every vegetarian.

China’s vegetable spring rolls

If you have ever been to China, you must have tried their veggie spring rolls. These rolls contain several vegetables inside them, covered with chili sauce. The vegetables that are mostly used are carrots, lettuce, cabbage, and cucumber, all of these being highly beneficial for health. These rolls are often served with rice and white sauce, and once you try them, I bet you are going to ask for more. You can make these rolls at home, by yourself too. All you have to do is to grab the essential vegetables. If you are living in New York and have trouble going outside for groceries, you can simply book all the groceries while sitting at home and get it delivered at your doorstep. The NY grocery delivery has got your back when it comes to ordering groceries while sitting anywhere in NY.

Indonesia’s Gado- Gado dish

This dish is very famous in Indonesia and is a perfect pick for all the vegans from around the world. It involves a blend of colorful vegetables sprinkled around boiled eggs and covered with peanut sauce. This popular dish is extremely healthy and green and is easily made. Potatoes, beans, and corn are the made vegetables included. You can eat it along with boiled rice.

Portugal’s caldo verde

Caldo Verde is basically a soup that is perfect for enjoying on cold nights. This soup is made up of a blend of different healthy vegetables like onions, cabbage, and tomatoes. This soup is very famous, and it used to be served in a clay bowl. But now, as many restaurants have come into the market, the soup is simply served along with crackers. You can eat a slice of bread along with it too. It is heavy cuisine, and once you have consumed a single serving, I bet you won’t get hungry for hours.

Vietnam’s Mi Quang

Mi Quang originated in Vietnam and is a noodle-based dish. It includes fresh vegetables such as lettuce, coriander, and basil. These vegetables are sprinkled over the noodles. You can include chicken or fish, and that entirely depends on you if you want to customize it. Spices can be added according to your liking and you can enjoy this healthy dish to the fullest.

India’s Dal Tarka

This dish is the most common Asian cuisine. It is mostly served in India, where lentils are cooked in spices and served with a tortilla. Many people love adding vegetables to enhance the flavor of this cuisine. You can also eat it along with rice and pickles. Dal is a versatile dish that can be served with anything. Most of the people like consuming dal with high spices. You can find this dish anywhere in India and Pakistan, mostly.