Kontos Foods Introduces New 2-Pack Personal Pizza Crust

Kontos Foods Introduces New 2-Pack Personal Pizza Crust

Targeted primarily at traditional and discount retailers, the package contains two seven-inch, hand-stretched pizza crusts with olive oil baked in for extra crunch

Kontos Foods Introduces New 2-Pack Personal Pizza CrustKontos Foods, Inc. (www.kontos.com), a U.S.- based manufacturer and distributor of traditional artisan breads and Mediterranean specialty foods, today announced the launch of a new two-pack size of Kontos Personal Pizza Crust. Targeted at traditional retailers as well as discount grocers throughout the U.S., the package contains two seven-inch, hand-stretched pizza bases with olive oil baked into the crust for extra crunch.

Kontos Foods Introduces New 2-Pack Personal Pizza Crust“Our marketing research shows that when it comes to making food choices, consumers are trending toward ‘individualism,’ which means they are eager to tailor their meals to their own particular tastes,” said Steve Kontos, Vice President at Kontos Foods. “We developed Kontos 2-Pack Personal Pizza Crusts for home cooks who may want to present a varied, mix-and-match assortment of flavors for family dinners or social gatherings, creating a unique experience for everyone at the table.”

Personal Pizza Crusts are also an easy meal solution for busy families with varied tastes. “You can feed the kids exactly what they enjoy, and even engage them to create their own pizzas with whatever toppings appeal to them,” said Warren Stoll, Kontos Foods’ Marketing Director.

Personal pizzas, adorned with traditional toppings such as tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese or pepperoni, are also delicious when served with more adventurous ingredients such as spicy shrimp, buffalo chicken, salmon, Thai or pesto sauce. Cut into wedges, they make ideal party appetizers. Kontos Personal Pizzas cook in approximately 5 minutes in a conventional oven. For recipes, visit http://www.kontos.com/recipes/.

Kontos Personal Pizza Crusts are fully vegetarian and weigh 79 grams. The product’s recommended retail placement is alongside pizza fixings such as bottled pizza sauces and cheeses.

Kontos sells its products to retailers and foodservice establishments across North America and several other countries. Find Kontos on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Kontosfoods and follow the company on Twitter @KontosFoods.

About Kontos Foods
Founded in 1987, Kontos Foods, Inc. is a Paterson, New Jersey-based provider of artisan breads and traditional Mediterranean foods for restaurants, hotels, food service, retail specialty stores and supermarkets worldwide. The family-owned company specializes in hand-stretched flatbreads, including the Kontos Pocket-Less Pita®, Fillo dough, pastries, olives, gyro meats, and Greek yogurts, as well as nearly 50 varieties of multi-ethnic flatbreads. Kontos, which has over 225 employees and was founded by Evripides (Evris) Kontos with his son Steven, together bring over 100 years’ experience in the premium food industry. The company’s bread and Fillo products are made in the USA. Visit www.kontos.com or call (973) 278-2800.