Napa Tourism Improvement District Produces Increase in Revenue over Previous Year

Tourism Development Board Reaches Largest Social Media Audience than Any Other City in Napa Valley

Napa Tourism Improvement District Produces Increase in Revenue over Previous YearThe Napa Tourism Improvement District (Napa TID) today announced a series of successful accomplishments from the Board over the last fiscal year, taking place July 2012 through June 2013. Increased revenue from lodging properties, support of local non-profit organizations and events, social media engagement and public relations activities combine to support the Napa TID in its most successful year yet.

Lodging revenue is producing an 18 percent increase from fiscal year 2011 – 2012 compared to fiscal year 2012 – 2013. With over 650 additional hotel rooms slated for the next year and several properties requesting approval for expansion, the city is also preparing for continued growth and demand.

Additionally, in just one year, the Napa TID has earned over one billion media impressions and reached a vast audience via social media. Specific to the last six months, the Napa TID has earned over 1,000 Pinterest followers, over 700 Instagram followers and over 6,000 Twitter followers. More than 78,000 users have been engaged on Facebook with over 9,163,040 million impressions. The Do Napa social media platforms collectively engage and reach more travelers than any other city in the Napa Valley.

This year, the Napa TID also renewed its Do Napa Overnight Kit promotion by providing kits to guests booking a same-day reservation at one of the lodging properties in the city. In the last year, over 700 kits were given out, resulting in over $140,000 in additional lodging revenue. Overnight kits encouraged those visiting for the day to book same-day reservations and extend their trip by at least one night. The kits include the following items: overnight shirt for sleeping, Do Napa canvas tote bag, brush, hair bands, mirror, contact lens case and saline, E.L.F. face products for women, lip balm, makeup remover, Woolite for delicates, deodorant, toothpaste and a toothbrush.

“We’re very pleased with the work that has been done to increase heads-in-beds and travel to the City of Napa,” said Sara Brooks, chairperson of the Napa Tourism Improvement District. “All of us are proud of the City in which we live, work and play and are fortunate to share that with others. Great successes have been made and we look forward to what will be accomplished as we continue to move forward and show the world why Napa is such a wonderful destination.”

Moreover, each year the Board supports various local non-profit organizations and events, in order to enhance the Napa experience for each guest. These organizations and events include Shakespeare Napa Valley and Napa Valley Community College, Napa Valley Arts Council, Napa Valley Opera House and the Napa Valley Film Festival. The Napa TID also coordinates and hosts the Do Napa Culinary Crawls every other month, which have attracted over 400 participants since the event began in 2011.

The Napa TID was established in 2010 and is made up of seven individuals that are employed by or own a lodging property in Napa or work for the City of Napa. The TID meets monthly to review objectives, goals, activities and other information as it pertains to the Board’s mission, which is to increase travel to the City of Napa and enhance the experience of each guest while in town.

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