“I would like to warmly congratulate Arnaud Donckele who has achieved the feat of conquering these 3 stars during his first year of opening Plénitude restaurant within Cheval Blanc Paris. Arnaud Donckele perfectly embodies the values that make our Group successful year after year: perpetual creative audacity and a constant quest for excellence. I join all the Cheval Blanc teams to thank the MICHELIN Guide for this recognition after having already crowned the Haute Gastronomy offered by Chef Donckele at the restaurant LaVague d’Or – Cheval Blanc St-Tropez,” says Bernard Arnault, Chairman of the LVMH group.


With its 26 seats facing the Seine, on the first floor of Cheval Blanc Paris, the gastronomic restaurant Plénitude is an intimate place. Arnaud wears a Chef ’s apron as a saucier-parfumeur to create his sauces, the backbone of his Parisian cuisine. He works like a master perfumer, considering every note in these elixir-like sauces, which normally play supporting roles, but here at Plénitude, they take centre stage. Arnaud Donckele has spent more than three years developing the restaurant’s cuisine, creating a technique with infinite possibilities. His approach is built on the connection with his producers and with his teams who fulfill the potential of his vision.That vision represents his overriding desire to bring his customers on an emotional journey of discovery, opening the doors to a poetic cuisine made with heart and honesty. Arnaud Donckele thinks of the offerings at Plénitude as sincere and joyful fare. He shows his mastery without ever showing off.


“We are very proud of this honor awarded to us by the MICHELIN Guide and we extend our gratitude for it. These stars recognize Arnaud’s years of hard work and his high standards. He is a genius-alchemist who takes us on a journey full of emotion and poetry. He transforms each of his achievements into exceptional and continues to reinvent himself to continue surprising us every day and make us travel around a plate that is always unique,” says Olivier Lefebvre, CEO of Cheval Blanc Hotels.


“I thank the MICHELIN Guide for this honor. It recognizes the sensitivity that I try to convey through my cooking. It is my way of expressing myself, of stirring emotions, of touching the hearts of my guests. I would also like to thank my teams and all those who surround me with kindness and trust, and especially Mr. Bernard Arnault and Olivier Lefebvre. They are indispensable to me and support me constantly,” says Arnaud Donckele.


The Cheval Blanc Hotels and Arnaud Donckele also thank the MICHELIN Guide for this honor which recognizes the creativity and poetry of the Chef. Insatiably curious, Arnaud Donckele considers every detail of his cuisine and the dining experience. He inspires emotions, he uses his savoir-faire to create intriguing stories and he loves starting conversations. These three stars align with the excellence of LaVague d’Or at Cheval Blanc St-Tropez, which has been awarded 3 MICHELIN stars since 2013 and is also under the guidance of Chef Donckele. With this new distinction, it is now our three restaurants in Cheval Blanc Courchevel, St-Tropez and Paris that are crowned with these three stars from the MICHELIN Guide.



In 2021, the Cheval Blanc collection unveils its City House in the heart of Paris, in the historic Samaritaine building The 72 keys, divided into 26 rooms and 46 suites, as well as the living, dining and wellness areas, have been designed by architects Edouard François and Peter Marino and are dedicated to the French art of living, with a bold, contemporary spirit Chef Arnaud Donckele orchestrates the gourmet restaurant Plénitude, while pastry chef Maxime Frédéric creates a pastry shop in Limbar On the 7th floor, Le Tout Paris, a contemporary Parisian brasserie, and Langosteria, an Italian restaurant, complete the culinary offer and open onto a generous tree lined terrace with the most beautiful views of Paris A swimming pool with mosaic waves and the Dior Spa Cheval Blanc invite guests for a sensory experience in the universe of the House of Dior Designed by sailor Maud Fontenoy Le Carrousel children’s club exalts the family spirit. Cheval Blanc Paris is more than a new address, it is a destination.


Cheval Blanc Paris | 8 quai du Louvre |75001 Paris – France t. +33 1 44 13 27 63 | www.chevalblanc.com



Developed by LVMH Hotel Management, Cheval Blanc is a brand of exceptional Maisons. The first one, Cheval Blanc Courchevel, opened in 2006 in the heart of the French Alps, followed by Cheval Blanc Randheli which opened in the Maldives in autumn 2013. The brand has continued its development with the opening of Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France in the French West Indies in October 2014, then acquired the Résidence de la Pinède in 2016 which joins the collection as Cheval Blanc St Tropez in May 2019. Cheval Blanc Paris takes its place within the Samaritaine iconic building last September 2021. Future projects are underway such as in Beverly Hills and Seychelles. LVMH Hotel Management also operates the White 1921 Courchevel and White 1921 Saint-Tropez.


LVMH Hotel Management | 12 Cours Albert 1er | 75008 Paris t. +33 1 44 13 27 63 | www.chevalblanc.com