RoboBurger, the World’s First Robot Burger Chef in a Vending Machine Format

This restaurant in miniature cooks restaurant-quality freshly grilled burgers from scratch, and it will soon be heading to airports, malls, colleges, offices, factories, and military bases across the country.

RoboBurger is an artificially intelligent, self-operating, patented kitchen designed to include all the processes of a restaurant at a fraction of the size. It measures 12 square feet, plugs into a traditional wall socket, has a refrigerator, an automated griddle and cleaning system.

The robot uses a five-step cooking process similar to what chefs use in quick service restaurants. The robo-chef grills the patty, toasts the bun, dispenses the selected condiments, assembles the burger, and delivers it piping hot in about six minutes, for only $6.99.

RoboBurger is the first hot food vending machine approved at the gold food standard for safety by the National Sanitary Foundation at the standard NSF/ANSI 25.

“I started RoboBurger in my garage 17 years ago, and now there couldn’t be a better time to bring it to life and have everyone experience it,” said Audley Wilson, RoboBurger co-founder and CEO. “RoboBurger gives everyone freshly grilled, delicious burgers – while ensuring a safe, contactless experience. RoboBurger always comes out piping hot and is never pre-cooked and kept warm.”

About RoboBurger:

Founded in 2019, RoboBurger is the world’s first fully autonomous robotic burger chef that creates restaurant-quality burgers from scratch. Headquartered in Newark, NJ, the minority-owned business (MBE) is led by CEO and Partner Audley Wilson, CTO and Partner Dan Braido and CMO and Partner Andy Siegel.

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